Free Johnson & Johnson Parents Pack

EDIT: This is no longer available.

If you call this free number (1-866-565-2229 – it’s totally automated, so you don’t even have to talk to people!) then you can get a free Johnson & Johnson Parents Pack. They say the pack comes with 2 free $5 coupons for baby products, a sample bottle of Johnson’s baby wash, and other couples and samples. Sounds like a good deal, but I think when I finally become a parent, I’d like it if my free helpful parent pack came with a full-time babysitter.

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  • lashaun

    La’Shaun Aiken
    501 E. Main Apt 6B
    Kingstree S.C. 29556

  • shaynon

    dont leave ur address lol… so i submited my info for this pack on the is the 2nd of Feb…a little over a week later its here…came a few mins ago and has samples of J&J products and coupons…actually not a bad sample pack at all….

  • I’m almost over the point of editing out people’s addresses for them…

    Glad to see this freebie comes quickly, though!

  • victoria lemin

    this stuff always comes in handy

  • tabitha markley

    I want free samples please

  • anna brown

    a friend told me about the free parents pack and i’d like to send my info so i can receive one hopefully. thank you so much. This will come in handy.

    Anna Brown
    7027 State Rd #205
    Parma, Ohio 44134

  • Angela

    Id love a free sample… thanks…

  • Enelida Beltran

    I Love J & J i hope this really comes through!

    53 Abbott st.
    Lawrence ma 01843

  • melissa steward

    my mom use johnson and johnson on me and i love it for my kids please send me free sample

  • Katie

    I would love free samples. Are there other samples for babies other than the johnsons ones? And what do i have to do to get these free samples?

  • Katie

    You’re all really stupid, apparently. It says CALL THE NUMBER plainly on the page.

  • Mom

    August 20, 2009-just called the number & they said nothing about a “Parent’s Pack”. Maybe it Expired?

  • Lorlele

    oh no! It didn’t expire did it?

  • Brie

    It expired : (

  • roomi

    hope i’ll recieve it too :)

  • roomi

    i am due in july and i luv gohnson’s products they are the best!

  • Jeni

    i am due in October 2010 and i’d love free samples for my baby

  • Kelly

    I would like to have the johnson &johnson parents pack what do I’ve to do?