Free Kellogg’s Family Rewards Points

So there’s a new points program on the block. It’s called Kellogg’s Family Rewards and I hope you’re sitting down when I tell you it’s run by Kellogg’s. I know, shocking. Didn’t see that coming from the program name, did you? You’ll find six codes below to help get over that crazy revelation.

HALLOWEENPARTY25 (25 points)
HOWITWORKS20PNTS (20 points)
KELLOGGSMEDAL20P (20 points)

Make sure you look for more codes in Kellogg’s cereal and other products. No reason to pass up free stuff!

  • triavalon

    Not to mention the points you can get from their pantry instant win game (it is on their facebook site incase you haven’t hit it up yet.)

  • EdwardDraper1

    Facebook Instant Win Game for Kellogg’s Family Rewards Points:

  • urcnstarz

    thanks for the extra points :)

  • EdwardDraper1

    @urcnstarz yup anytime

  • Freeby

    Thanks a bunch for the codes :)