Free Key Ring Bottle Opener

This free key ring bottle opener is from Philip Morris, so you have to be at least 18 21 years old. Sorry kiddos. After you log in, click the Promotions tab and request the freebie. It’s the perfect gift for that special someone who hasn’t learned how to open a bottle with a door. Or a lighter. Or a spoon. Or pretty much anything within arms reach.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]



    ya…21 not 18.

  • Amanda

    Cool Thanks!

  • Robin

    Sweet! That was really easy.

  • Here’s the thing… what if I lie that I use cigarettes, and they use this info to tell my HMO or others?

    They are connecting to some Government facility to verify my age…

  • Jenn


  • ashley

    says im not 21 when im 24…gay.

  • You probably didn’t select that you smoke anything. Read the text carefully.

  • MMiller

    Can’t log in! Don’t remember my login ID and password! But I have received a few of the free items from this site and they are always quality items! The last one I got was a mini flashlight!

  • Jennifer Jordan


  • Got me a bottle opener! yay! Anybody got a bottle?

  • Lyn

    You gotta provide them ur social nah I’m good with that.

  • Vicki

    Why do you have to be a smoker to get a bottle opener??


    “We’re Sorry

    Unfortunately, we’re unable to allow you access to at this time. is only available to adult cigarette smokers 21 years of age or older.”

    I should have known from last time not to waste my time with this….but this is the message I received. I am well over the age of 21 :D

    Thanks for letting us know about this anyway!

  • “only available to adult cigarette smokers”. This means you have to lie that you smoke something. I chose Camels.

  • Eric

    You have to be a cigarette smoker, and ONLY a cigarette smoker, to have acccess. Too bad the e-mail from heyitsfree never has the additional information to help.

  • Tami

    LMAO It denied me….said it couldn’t allow me on their site or send me this promotion because I had to be at least 21 years old…….I’M 48!!! NOTHING BUT A SCAM!!! THNX

  • Lila2004

    Weird, I registered as a new user and it didn’t ask for my social security number. It just asked for name, address and birthdate. Then it let me right into the site and let me request a free bottle opener.

  • Nikki

    People..don’t give out your social security number and lie that you smoke just to get a stupid bottle opener! Wouldn’t it make more sense for a beer company to offer this anyway?

  • Rachel

    IT WORKED FOR ME. didnt have to give my social.. bottel oppener is on its way.. jsut put that you are over 21 and only smoke c

  • mel

    Eric if you don’t like the samples and the info that goes along with them….find the samples on your own. Duh.

  • Jaci

    OK so I fibbed about the smoking thing, but my DH will love this key opener

  • Brittany

    What I don’t understand is you have to be 21 to register on this site to get the freebie but yet you only have to be 18 to buy a pack of cigarettes?

  • mysticalmalissa

    wow! i got denied and i’m 47. LMAO!
    Glad my bottles are twist tops!

  • Sadman

    Denied me, although I’m 22. That’s a bummer.

  • Stephanie

    They wanted tooo much personal and private information, not worth it.