Free KLM Personalized Luggage Tag

In February of 2007, I posted a free KLM personalized luggage tag – three years later and I’m still waiting on mine! When the offer popped up again last month, I obviously steered clear, however people have sent me pictures of their recently received tags. I guess KLM got their act together and made this a legit offer!

With my luck, the goofy photo I used will somehow get me detained in a foreign country. I’ve only been held once before, but that wasn’t really my fault. How was I to know that putting “drug kingpin” as my occupation wouldn’t be interpreted as a funny joke?

  • April

    Thanks! I ordered some. It says it takes three weeks to arrive. Also, it asks what airport you prefer to depart from but doesn’t list mine (Detroit). I just chose the one closest (Chicago).

  • Nicole

    I got mine a few days ago. They turned out awesome!!!

  • Gina

    Love your site. Hope I get my luggage tag!

  • Chris

    Early this Summer of 2009 they offered this. I orderded one for my home address and I got it last month.

    So the promise is 3 weeks but expect longer wait but heck its true and free.

    I like the tag.


  • Dee

    Was gonna’ pass on this, but the previous posts made me change my mind. Thanks Nicole, Chris.

  • Melanie

    I had also ordered them from the last post. I received them about 2 weeks ago. They are really nice.

  • Mimi

    I signed up for these the last time they were offered and finally got them – they are cute with our pictures on them. It took WAY longer than any 3 weeks, more like 3 months. Anyway, I like them.

  • Dee

    I ordered mine from the previous earlier post, got them, were great. I used the KLM picture of mountains with green valley, nice. Giving to mom for Christmas. I just did the offer now, used beach with lone palm tree and are sending tags to my friend and his wife of one year. Thanks. My first batch did not take longer than normal turn around time.

  • Jess

    I ordered these a while back & although I had long since forgotten about them, they did finally show up. They’re really cute! I definitely recommend ordering this freebie!

  • Michelle

    I ordered and received mine….Love them…use mine as a key chain.

  • Aprille

    i ordered these this summer and got mine a few weeks ago. i tried to d the offer agan… and it denied me.. o well. m.ine are super cute!

  • seed

    Is anyone else having a problem with these? I’ve tried at various times of the day, but I can’t get past the 2nd page where you download your own picture. It keeps saying that there’s an error and to try again later.

  • Ferretsrule

    I just ordered mine (using my ferret picture that is my gravatar!). I can’t wait to get them – how cool. And what a great idea to use it as a keychain. I might even give one to my husband as part of his Christmas gift. Thanks, Goob!

  • Chris

    Decrease the size of your picture it maybe the problem.
    Also if it is a nude picture they might not take it “LOL/Joke”


  • Aimee

    I got my tags a couple of weeks ago after ordering them maybe two months earlier. It didn’t seem like a bad wait.

  • rebeccca

    Got mine this week. They are great!

  • Hannah

    Thank you for posting this. I just recieved them in the mail today. They took 4 weeks to arrive, not bad at all. Thanks!!!

  • barbara

    received mine today, thanks.

  • Zinnia

    Got mine the other day thanks!!!

  • Jakki

    Got this yesterday — so it took 4 weeks from the time I ordered them. Looks great! I’m gonna try to see if I can order for hubby.


  • Gina

    Got my luggage tags and they came out great! Thanks for bring us great freebies!

  • kjohnson

    Received my luggage tags yesterday (2/1) and they came out great!

  • Veronica

    Is anyone else still waiting for these? I still haven’t gotten mine :(

  • Kathy

    Never got my luggage tags.. Guess I’m on that 3 year waiting list too…

  • Jen

    Got my tags =)

  • Perla_Margherita

    Thanks for posting this! I just ordered mine!

  • ohmiss

    Got my tags!!! LOVE them!!!

  • mrezee

    I found that if you have multiple email addresses, and if you enter a different email address every time you fill out the form, you can get unlimited luggage tags because it only compares your email to any past requests (i think).

  • kate

    Ordered my tags 2/16 and recieved them 3/16 and they are AWESOME!!

  • kate

    *just wait a week and klm will let you order another set of tags :)
    multiple email addresses is a quicker way to go. its all good.
    thanks goob!!

  • Goob

    Kate, nice tip, I didn’t realize you could re-up so fast.