Free Kotex Samples

Free Kotex Samples

These free U by Kotex samples got me wondering what my mail lady must think I do. One day I’m getting seemingly normal freebies for a single guy in his twenties and the next I’m getting Parents magazine and a box of Kotex items. Sure, I could try talking to her, but I still haven’t found a smooth way of saying, “oh, by the way, I don’t actually use all of those tampons!”

This freebie includes the following samples:

  • 1 U by Kotex CleanWear Regular Pad
  • 1 U by Kotex barely there Liner
  • 2 U by Kotex Click Regular Tampons

  • dym

    So Goob, what DO you do with your girly samples?

  • Rose G

    Goob, I was wondering.. Do you actually put on these forms that you are “Male”? I wonder why they even ask that anyway! :P

  • Erica

    Teehee… this made me giggle ;)

  • Michaela

    not sure if it went through, i pressed submit and it went to a different page and didn’t say anything about the hope it worked, thanks!

  • Michaela

    and they really come in those bright pretty colors?…lol…what will they come up with next?…ones with hearts and stars on the applicator?…lol..also u can get two per household so can give one to a friend!

  • Kristine

    Thanks! I get so many free samples for Tampons and Pads that I hardly have to buy them. Seems like I get something from different companies weekly!

  • obsessed cc/ob

    dym, that’s not very polite! Goob would NEVER ask you what YOU do with your girly samples! lol

  • Denise

    I resubmitted my info, and this time I got a message saying, “Thanks, your samples are on the way.” Plus you can enter the email addresses of 3 friends. So if you’re not sure if it went through, try again!

  • What do you do with the samples you don’t use? I hope you donate them to a battered women’s shelter or homeless shelter – They can seriously use these types of samples. I save all my unneeded samples (including shampoo & lotion from hotels, etc) and a few times a year donate it to a domestic violence shelter.

  • Tinapoo

    Hey what a great idea i just give them to who ever comes over and needs. I will consider doing that also.

  • Tinapoo

    I notice that you have to enter the info a couple of times before it takes it and then says Thank You

  • Jones50

    Thanks Goob for these samples – my wife will appreciate these – yes, the women’s shelter can definitely use these and also the Red Cross probably due to folks getting burned out – I know our Good Samaritan Center collects items like these; when you post the Pampers, Huggies, UnderJams, etc. we get a big box together for them since we don’t have any little ones any more. They can always use them due to the homeless and folks needing some assistance these days. Any samples can always be used to by the church for their pantry – way to go, Goob on always thinking of us!

  • trep

    Kinda off topic, but if you wanted to seem cool, you could say you work at a ski/snowboard resort (Not sure where you live). Those rescuers use tampons when someone ends up impaled by their ski sticks cause they’re very compact, light, and they work well cause the hole is usually very small and round.

  • Rebecca

    Thanks!! Like another, I hardly have to buy any with all the freebies!! But, did anyone else notice there’s a video called “how to properly insert a tampon?”
    I was kinda scared…

  • Yeah, maybe you don’t want to even open that can of worms ;)


    Goob, at least you receive your samples–I had an ickky mailman that would leave the mail card but no sample. I would take the mail card back to the post office and ask “what my mailman is doing with my sample, using it or what?” My samples started to arrive the next week.

  • Michaela

    i had to try 4 times till i finally got a thank u, i was about to give up!

  • Felisa

    All I can say is it’s about time a company realizes girls have been waiting for the chance to be able to choose tampon applicator colors. Lol! My 14yr old daughter and I were cracking up over this!

  • Julie

    Torpedos for your model U-Boat collection? LOL

  • Beth

    LOL you guys are funny. I think Goob said in the past that he gives the samples to women in his family. I have these sent to my mom who no longer needs them and she gives them to my sisters-in-law or coworkers.

  • Gypsy

    Neon colored tampons now that’s interesting!

  • Greg

    This sub-brand actually originates in England and Australia.