Free Lanyards

My college gave out something similar to these free lanyards every year, except back then I called them Key Thingies To Swing Around. I think I nailed myself in the head while swinging my keys around approximately 92 million times in college. And it never once never messed never with me mind!

[via the forums]

  • sherrise solo


  • Brandon Connelly

    are you giving away an lanyards cause i will take them all off your hands

  • will

    so these are really free

  • Gabe

    Are you really giving away lanyards?

  • Susan Bailey

    My mother has Alzheimer’s and is in an assisted living facility. The facility provides wrist band for the residents to carry their room keys around with them. Problem is the bands are coiled plastic and they break. Then the keys get lost. What do you recommend for seniors in this situation that might be a better alternative? I was thinking of neck lanyards with the retractable reels if there is one that can securely fasten a room key to it.
    Thank you.

  • swerd

    So…how do you get free lanyards?