Free LED Lightbulb

Free LED Lightbulb

This offer is “today only” and the newsletter has already gone out, so I apologize to those of you reading about this free LED lightbulb tomorrow. My bad. However if you’re lucky enough to be here on Thursday, then go like TCP Lighting on Facebook and you’ll immediately be able to brighten up your life! Hahahaha sorry I’ll see myself out. ((And turns the lights off as I leave.)) ((SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!))

According to their Facebook we have until midnight to sign up.

  • zsteelie

    Trips over something on the way out … thanks Goob.

  • Hopefully you had a light dinner so your stomach isn’t upset.

  • nemo

    Worked. I hope it comes with a hat. I like the hat.

  • Patricia Zielenski

    They have suspended the promotion due to an overwhelming response. That is according to their facebook page.