Free Lenox Reciprocating Saw Blade

In order to get a free Lenox reciprocating saw blade, simply click on the T2 Test Lab and Warehouse links at the top before finally hitting the free blade link in the lower left. You may also want to like them on Facebook, but I’m not sure if that’s required.

When you load the final page, it says something along the lines of “there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but how about a free blade?” Oh yeah? I accept your challenge. A dash of hot sauce, a little pepper, and I’ll be able to eat that saw blade in no time. Plus my dentist mentioned business is slow, so it’s win win for everybody!

[thanks Andrew!]

  • Pauline

    This site is like comedy for me. The narrator is ridiculous. xD

    Was going to do it and got all the way to the offer, then decided I totally don’t need this. Thanks anyways though, I got a good chuckle.

  • FB not a requirement. TY!

  • Debby

    Cool website. It was fun to watch and check out the different blades.

  • KDD

    what a fun website! Thanks again Goob.

  • Karen

    I got the blade for my hubby. Thanks.

  • Mel

    awesome! I’m starting a huge basement reno and can use all the building freebies I can get!

  • Seh-Nic

    Fun! Not sure if I need this though. Thanks (:

  • Beebee

    Great find! Fun website. Hubby will love it!

  • AW

    Ok, I hate to be an idiot here- but can someone tell me how to get the free blade- I must be missing someone on the website :(

  • jw

    FYI — “You must be actively employed as a professional contractor or skilled trade worker in the construction industry to qualify for a free blade.”

    Or does that not matter to you?

  • Julie

    AW – read the posting more carefully, you have to click on T2 Test Lab & Warehouse, then click in the lower left to get the submit box.

  • Carol


    I figure it out. Click at the very top on lab then click on warhouse and after that click on the loading dock and click the package. If you don’t go into the lab and warehouse it will send you back to do it before you get your free blade

  • hm

    doesn’t matter to me. My husband does a lot of work around home and this blade will get used. if i didnt think it would get used i wouldnt have signed up for it.

  • You must be actively employed as a professional contractor or skilled trade worker in the construction industry to qualify for a free blade

  • Desiree Torres

    Out of stock :(

  • Goob the 2nd

    yes hello! it’s hiffed get on the ball interns

  • tang

    There out of stock! :( …


  • Afroman

    Hiffed for now

  • leslie

    but the website is pretty cool.

  • kathy

    they are gone

  • Janece

    Currently out of stock

  • #10 jw. Does not matter.

  • Oh well…i didn’t need one anyway…

  • John

    Goob doesn’t care if he plays by the rules! He always tells people to lie to get something free. Oh well, what goes around comes around.

  • kathy


  • If you people are so appalled at what goes on here, WHY are YOU HERE?

  • kandy

    ALL GONE:(

  • Janice

    I agree w/obsessed cc/ob – really folks. It’s not that big a deal. If you are principled against this, don’t do it. Lots of freebies have weird restrictions and many of us who would get them will buy the product. For example, hubby’s not a contractor, but he uses tools a lot & buys quite a bit. Soooo, how is that a bad thing for the manufacturer?

  • Dee

    Bummer! Hubby and I are starting a wood furniture biz and these really woulda came in handy!! I’ll keep checking back

  • Dr Johnson

    wow all the nut jobs came out of the woodwork on this one! lol

  • Rose

    Oh big deal! I’ve gone on and gotten radios, leather portfolios, flashlights, compact tools, etc. by stating I was a business owner and wanted to see their promotional items. On I stated I was a dentist, thus I had a dental office that had a waiting room. I currently get 20 magazine subscriptions from them like People, Time, Woodworking, Field and Stream and on and on. I’m a contractor if need be to get saw blades, screwdrivers and flashlights. I’m on several sites saying I’m the mother of newborns and get free Similac formula, full size cans, that I sell on eBay. I once got 4 Sonicare Toothbrushes by signing up on under my name, husband’s name, mother’s name (she’s deceased) and brother’s name. Those toothbrushes all sold for over $120.00 on eBay. So don’t rag on Goob. And no, my real name isn’t Rose either. :o) :o)~

  • Felisa

    @Rose: Now that’s what I’m talkin about! I like your style. ;)

  • TC

    They did this about a year ago, no blade ever came and my brother, who I signed up for it, is an active contractor. It is a fun site though.

    Rose or whoever you are, shame, shame, shame. Morals you have none. Getting stuff for free by lying and then putting it on e-bay for sale? People like you are why so many companies have stopped giving samples, freebies, etc.

    I signed my sister-in-law up for formula,etc. when she was pregnant, I signed my nephew up for condoms, etc. I don’t sign up for products I don’t use and I would never do so just to sell stuff on e-bay!

  • Mimi

    I signed up for this last year too and never got it. My hubby is a contractor too.

  • eilee

    I give any of the baby items, (formula, diapers etc) to the local food bank.

  • Mike

    @ Good

    Can you ban or block Rose’s IP? Ppl like him/her are why there aren’t many freebies anymore.

    @ Rose

    You sir/ma’am are what is wrong with the world today (in my opinion of course).

  • jimbo

    they have a great site and enjoyed the demo’s of them cutting stuff up(my caveman grunt was in full force). but went to get the free blade and it said they were all out at this time? i guess you snooze you loose!

  • craig

    just ordered one today 07/16/10 at 11:19 am

  • kim

    it is working

  • Amy

    Has anyone actually received this freebie yet?

  • Lisa

    Has anyone received this blade yet?

  • Eric

    Its working again.


    Got mine yesterday My husband was so excited

  • Darrell Ford

    They are back in stock so start your saws