Free Lipton Tea K-Cups

Free Lipton K-Cups

My Internet has been down all day, so I’m tethering to my phone right now. Some would complain about sluggish speed, but I for one enjoy the occasional throwback, like today’s two free Lipton tea k-cups from Walmart. It’s fun pretending I’m on AOL again! Now where are all the chat rooms?

  • after watching the video, i didn’t get the sample offer

  • Wendy

    Me either :(

  • Nin

    Nor I

  • Morrigan Mallett

    I got the offer. Thanks for posting.

  • Betty

    Try with Google Chrome – form wouldn’t load with IE 8

  • Jay Melo

    It won’t give you the sample page if you have done this before.

  • Kate

    Got it using google chrome as my browser.

  • Kim Risch Casey

    Used IE and it worked just fine for me. 8/17/14