Two Free Lipton Tea K-Cups

Free Lipton K-Cups

Walmart has two free Lipton tea k-cups on their site right now! Well, they actually have a ton of other stuff on their site too, but this freebie is all I really care about. I mean, uh, I totally care about you too! How was your day?

  • Joe

    I can’t resize the pop up form to fill it out completely.

  • Dee

    Put cursor in any field and hit enter to move it down.

  • Dee

    …or tab.

  • camreeg

    Does not seem to be working anymore.

  • Guest

    I cna’t get it to work either.

  • Mrs Sunshine

    Got it. Have to watch ad first.

  • reegcam

    I watched the vide, but nothing happens afterwards.

  • Irpag

    tab worked for me, and using the down arrow key. annoying, but it works.

  • Irpag

    It worked for me. There’s a big red button to click on at the end of the fascinating video. Maybe you fell asleep and missed it. Good: my day was good. Productive. Sunny and not too hot. Capped off with some freebies. Thanks for asking.

  • kikijiji

    Got it! No problems

  • Kate

    Working fine here.

  • Courtney

    I could not get it to work. Video worked offer did not come up after

  • Jessica

    i watched the video and it made me answer two question to qualify for the sample, didn’t qualify :/

  • Scramps1

    I said I drink coffee and hot tea and it worked

  • m

    I watched the video and it ended and nothing else happend. No questions, no nothing. What a waste!!