Free L&M Travel Mug

Free Travel Mug

This free travel mug is from the tobacco company L&M. However they’re part of Philip Morris, who also owns Marlboro, so the same login information for any previous tobacco freebie you’ve requested should work as well.

Now I need to find somewhere to travel.

  • Cruiser3

    Got it. There stuff usually comes pretty quick too. Thank you!

  • Cruiser3


  • Uh, no. It’s “they’re”. As in “THEY ARE” part of Philip Morris. Jeez.

  • I got mine, but my Marlboro info didn’t work. Signed up, got the mug offer fine, though.

  • Cruiser3

    Holly- are you refering to my correction? I was correcting myself.
    Seems our posts are out of order.

  • gojowin

    They refused to sign me up…soon to be 60 years old and I m underage!!!!!Keep your stupid mug!

  • Joe

    Do not be childish.

  • Odette

    The stupid website asked for SSN again! I love free stuff. But it’s not worth it to give your SSN in exchange of some stupid stuff like this. :-(

  • Jennifer

    Mine is on it’s way! Thank you :)

  • Mine is on it’s way, too! Thank you, Goob <3 :)

  • mandi

    hey goob!! thanks. we love you. just a heads up theres another (philip morris) promo at its a free set of 4 record coasters. i dont think you posted that one yet.

  • Having nothing but trouble signing up..user name to long..not long enuf..then password to short..had to call them and they couldnt even help me sign up…what is going on? I dont understand. then it tells me my user name is already in then I think up another one…it accepts it then tells me that my password is not right. very very frustrating. would love to get this offer but cant handle the turmoil.

  • had to do this one on IE, chrome had alot of errors and eventually got stuck on age. im 32 the end of this month, you’d think it would be old enough :) probably a cookies error. anyway, if it locks you into errors or otherwise gives you problems, try a different browser.

  • system down: routeine maintaince ‘

  • Nicky

    Got mine with no problems!

  • Ang

    any site that has cigarettes in it will ask so they make sure you are not under 21 this is the same with Marlboro and black and mild too. They have to by law get educated about it and you will see you have nothing to worry about. I joined Marlboro years ago and have never had any problems. Good luck.

  • OldUncleDave

    I got mine yesterday. It’s pretty cool, but what is the twist-off bottom cup for? Share with someone? Reserve tank? Secret stash holder?