Free Marlboro Darts

Altria sent me a cease and desist letter for including a picture here, so it’s gone now, lol.

If you have a Marlboro account (or don’t mind giving out your social security number to get a free account. It’s federally mandated to make sure kids aren’t getting on the site), then you can request free Marlboro darts. Simply log in, click the “offer” tab, follow the prompts, and see how long you can go without putting somebody’s eye out.

  • Cassidy

    Why do you have to be 21 to get these but only 18 to smoke?!

  • Beats me!

  • Jose

    Because at age 21 you’ll look 35 when you begin smoking at 18.

  • Odette

    Are you kidding me? They asked for last 4-digit of my SSN plus my name as it appears on my driver’s license. Too much info to giveaway just to get the stupid dart! :-(

  • Cruiser3

    I wasn’t asked for my social digits … this time. Were you already registered on the site?

  • vdragon

    Marlboro gives away pretty decent stuff about twice a year. You only have to set up the account once, so over time, you do get more than just darts. I think I’ve gotten a t-shirt, travel mugs, bottle openers, cards, and other random stuff over the years. I wasn’t thrilled with giving out my ss# initially, but I do believe they aren’t using it for any nefarious purposes.

  • LucyAnn

    I agree

  • l00k0utbel0w

    There is a semi-customizable cup you can get too. They give away stuff almost year round and decent quality stuff to boot.

  • bacause not all states require you to only be 18. Alabama for example you have to be 19 to purchase tobacco. Highest age in the united states is 21 dont remember what state, so to make it plain and simple they make it 21 and up to recieve the offers.

  • thats wierd. all i did was sign in to and it auto pulled up my name and address and my darts are on the way. i recieve stuff from marlboro all the time.. every year i get a birthday present. last two years i got a bottle opener and sunglasses. and with these free things such as the darts i also got a personalized hat with my initials from them.

  • J

    entered cigskill as user name. it wont accept it. I did will not accept

  • tammy

    I have a account put I can’t find were or how to get the free darts

  • nancy

    i would really like a set of darts ,they are so cool looking

  • Scott Morgan

    I just logged onto their website and there were no free darts so do not
    waste your time right now unless you want to save $1 on a pack of
    cigarettes because that is the only offer I found.

  • Joey Kane

    I’ve gotten a coleman tent countless bottle openers and glasses, some killer ear buds and a clean canteen. I’ve been very lucky with their give aways

  • Joey Kane

    the free darts were from a sweeps that you had to participate in to get the darts

  • Michael Andrew Emerfoll

    I got like 5 eat bus, I get alot cause I roofed for 25+years and just had my seventh back surgery so I don’t have shit to do but pay on the phone

  • Michael Andrew Emerfoll

    I also have 10 others cigarette sites on my phone so I win alot just never nothing big like a car, a could really use a car!

  • Michael Andrew Emerfoll

    I got them so long ago. What do darts go for in the stores

  • Michael Andrew Emerfoll

    There pretty nice! The pick is at the top of the page I think

  • Michael Andrew Emerfoll

    I win shit at least once a week Bro.

  • Michael Andrew Emerfoll

    I got a Carhartt jacket and cowboy boots wroth over 200.00 just for the boots