Free Marlboro 3-in-1 Tool

Altria sent me a cease and desist letter for including a picture here, so it’s gone now, lol.

EDIT: This freebie has been recalled. If you received it, please stop using it immediately.

Marlboro is offering a free 3-in-1 tool that contains a flashlight, compass, and match holder. Now when I get lost in the woods, I can remain lost since I don’t know how to use a compass, light the trees on fire to signal any rescue planes which probably won’t be looking for me, then tell myself scary ghost stories before starving to death. Thanks Marlboro!

If you’re having trouble finding the offer, log-in with the link above then come back and click the link again. It should then take you straight to the signup form.


    Not a smoker. Wish I could get one of these with Snickers wrappers. Managed to snag 5 of those.

  • Dragonfly77

    You don’t have to be a smoker, just make up a “fake” account


    Thanks for the tip. Still not sure I want to support Marlboro.

  • Rachel Ostrowski

    how would you be supporting Marlboro by getting something free from them when you will never give them any business? isn’t that the opposite of support?

  • walker

    Well the site is down anyway for routine maintenance as of 5:47pm EST

  • Loretta Yocom

    How do you get one of the really didn’t send one to you for free

  • vee

    Got my order in, thanks!

  • Nell

    Husband and I both got one. We don’t smoke either, but since tobacco companies can no longer put their logo on merchandise they give away, these things make great stocking stuffers. They even sent me a Zippo lighter on my birthday. We’ve gotten sleeping bags, hats, t-shirts, ashtrays, flashlights, etc. from them.

  • shelleyb

    jan 22, 2014 got pretty far in sign up- (and a non-smoker) says offer no longer available

  • Dundee

    Had mine about 2 minutes. Unscrewed match cap and then screwed back on. Matches went up in flames instantly and gave a big puff of smoke. I think I’ll give it to a co-worker now…

  • daedae

    there’s a recall on this thing

  • Yep, the post above reflects that.