Free McDonalds Smoothie Coupon

EDIT: So McDonald’s chickened out and canceled the freebie event on July 22-24. Wimps.

Hiffers, mark your calendars because over 14,000 locations will be giving out free McDonalds smoothies from 7am-7pm on July 22-24. What does this mean for me? Well, for starters, I’ll have to actually put on pants in the morning. I still don’t understand society’s hatred of guys wearing only boxers and fuzzy bunny slippers.

Also, if you still have USA Weekend or Parade magazine from Sunday, look inside it for a free McDonald’s 12oz. Smoothie or Frappe coupon.

Also also, if you decide you want to buy a full-sized smoothie later on, here’s a $1/1 coupon from McDonald’s site.

  • julie

    Just to let you know…. this promotion was cancelled by McDonald’s. They sent out a press release yesterday.

  • Julie, thanks for pointing that out.

  • Suddz

    oh wow lol thats too bad

  • obsessed ob/cc

    I have 3 of the coupons from the newspapers. The coupons are good ’til 8/15.

  • Lindsay

    well…. mcdonald’s comes through on the disappointment again! i’ve had THE worst luck with their iced coffees at our local store. always watery, no taste or flavor, a few mostly-melted icecubes floating sadly at the top. pretty bad.
    hopefully their smoothies are better… :)

  • krava

    There was a coupon in our Sunday paper for a Smoothie or Frappe. This is actually better as you can go whenever the time is convenient for you.

  • Moby

    McDonald,s is weak.

  • B

    Hmmm.. that’s too bad. And as far as their iced coffee… it’s much better with chocolate shake syrup in it. My husband was a GM when we met so I got all kind of weird McD oddities to eat.

  • M

    Cluck, Cluck, Cluck…sounds like they’re McNuggets to me.

  • Ana

    Bummer!! I wanted a smoothie! ;( But will settle fvor a $1 coupon! WooHoo!!! ;)

  • Lori

    I tried to use this coupon at my local McDonald’s yesterday and they told me they couldn’t take it because they didn’t have a $1.00 off button. What the heck???

  • Shirley

    I used both coupons from Parade and USA Weekend for the Caramel Frappes. Very yummy – much better than iced coffee, but more calories :(
    Currently trying to find more free coupons – none of my family members are sharing!

  • janice

    Hey Goob, Thanks for telling me about the coupon in the parade magazine, I had actually not read the parade magazine this past Sunday..thanks again..Your Site Rocks!!

  • Bonnie

    Could not get this coupon to print. The way I look at it, if they want my business, the coupon will print otherwise, if I have to pay the full price, I might as well give my business to Sonic who, when they offer a coupon, make good on it.



  • anonymouse

    Actually McDonald’s was low on product and they didnt need to givee smoothies away for free cuz theyre already doing so well. Get the facts straight.

  • Meredith

    I got my free Smoothie from McDonalds today…. they are at least doing this is Oklahoma

  • Aimee

    The strawberry banana smoothie is delicious, and the wild berry is a bit sweet. I didn’t know about the cancellation until someone at McDonald’s told me about it, but I still got my free smoothie sample for my troubles. Mom also gave me a coupon for a free smoothie from the USA Weekend magazine, so I also got a free 12 oz. smoothie!

    And yes, McDonald’s is a wussy. I would have been getting smoothies from 7 different McDonald’s a day for 3 days if they didn’t cancel the freebie!

  • Juwan

    what section of the paper are the cupons in

  • dakota

    mcdonalds smoothies rock

  • penny

    jamba juice will accept the mcdonalds coupons and give you a free smoothie until 8/15. the promotion’s on their website.

  • jahmic

    Jamba Juice just announced they’re honoring McDonald’s coupons for a free smoothie at participating locations…

    MceeDee’s kinda bungled this one :b

  • jahmic

    whoops…guess I didn’t read all the comments :D

  • Lori

    My local McD’s was giving these coupons out last week stuck to the sides of the styrofoam cups they give you when you order iced tea. Unfortunately it was only good for a few days and I misplaced mine. By the time I located it again, the coupon was expired.