Free Megabus Tickets

If you’re planning to travel between Jan. 9 and Feb. 28, 2013 and you live near a large city on the east coast, you might want to pick up one of 200,000 free Megabus tickets. Plug in your travel details and use code TRYMEGABUS to see if there are any free seats left on the bus. Now who wants to join me in going to Boston?!

  • mrezee

    Also works in the Midwest! A couple routes out of Chicago went through as free (or $1).

  • kimberlyFDR

    Sadly, can’t get any of the NC routes to take the code :(

  • hophop43

    @kimberlyFDR I snagged a trip to DC for free in January from Charlotte.  You need to try several dates and be flexable.

  • kimberlyFDR

    @hophop43  Thanks. I’ll try different combinations to see if I’m successful.

  • Odette15

    Didn’t work on Boston-NYC either! Dang!

  • HeidiSholtes

    Going to DC for free!

  • hophop43

    @HeidiSholtes Make your trip totally free by exploring couchsurfing!  Something I’m going to try that I have wanted to do for a while.

  • Lexie

    Thank you so so so much, Goob. These free tickets got my mom to finally agree to the college campus visits I’ve wanted to do. So glad you posted this! <3

  • bandit202

    Did y’all have to put in your credit card info before it added the discount?  I keep getting that my code is valid and then when I go to complete the transaction, it does not subtract the discount?