Free Multi-Tool from Copenhagen

Copenhagen is giving away free multi-tools, which is a fancy term for pocket knifes. If you signed up for the free camouflage hat they offered back in November, then your login info will work for this as well.

If you’re using Chrome, the first link won’t work, but I’ve got ya covered with a backup. I rather enjoyed the extra work in tracking down the second link, as it distracted me from staring at the clock and wishing it was time for Lost to come on.

Oh boy, now I’m thinking about it again…

  • obsessed cc/ob

    Multi tool! Alright!!

  • Disappointed

    I know its a freebie, but you’re registering with a tobacco company in order to get it. Not a good moral stance on this freebie, OP!!! Shame!!

  • Deb

    I wont supply them with my ssn that is ridiculous to say the least. thanx anyway goob! :)

  • cameyer

    no reason for my ss # plus I wont register with a tobacco company but thanks anyway goob !

  • obsessed cc/ob

    I’m not real comfortable the info. they want, last 4 digits of ss., verification against driver’s license. When that didn’t work they wanted full ss no. Pass.

  • chris

    dont ever giver your SSN———–there fishing! probaly a fake site!

  • jabet

    michigan cant get it!! got the hat but cant enter this one. that sucks

  • Sandy Farrin

    Do you watch SeanieB’s Lost Recaps on YouTube? Great stuff!

  • Clark Eikenberry

    Cool……Thanks Goob

  • Disappointed, I don’t pass my moral beliefs onto others. I post any and every legitimate freebie I find, despite my own personal beliefs, religious / political views, etc.

    As for the SSN, they’re required by law to check it against a government database to make sure you’re over 18 (or 21 in the case of alcohol freebies). That’s why their site is secured with https instead of the standard http. This is a standard practice for tobacco and alcohol related freebies that stems from the court cases prohibiting them from advertising to minors.

    But I tell people not to sign up for a freebie if they’re uncomfortable with it at all, so no worries if anybody passes on this. :)

  • And Sandy, I’d never seen that before! I know what I’ll be watching while I eat lunch today :D

  • Charlie

    Thanks Goob. I’ve quit tobacco but hey I can always use a pocketknife

  • Amber

    Thanks for reassuring me Goob, because i started getting nervous reading these posts after giving the last 4 digits of my SSN

  • Laura Davis

    As I already received the Hat & Bass Shop gift card all I had to do was sign in and click. This will make a good gift for fathers day. Thanks Goob for posting this one

  • lyn

    wanted my full social as well, PASS as well!

  • Becky

    It only ask for the last 4 SSN, but it was creepy when it started verifying streets and phone numbers from the past 10 years…. Big Brother, anyone?

  • Vdragon

    Thanks for the great Freebie! The last Copenhagen one was awesome! I used my $10 at Bass Pro Shop to buy some pepper spray to carry for when I go running (and wear my free hat!).

  • I, too, got my camo trucker hat and bass pro card from Copenhagen. Thanks Vdragon for the tip about the pepper spray! I couldn’t think of what to get with the GC but that’s an awesome idea!

  • It wouldn’t let me register at this time. Guess I didn’t answer the tobacco questions right. Not a smoker so only have limited knowledge of it from my brothers and friends. My hubby would have liked the knife though. Oh well. Thanks for the freebie.

  • Traci

    Dang…. tried two times, but they won’t allow me access to the website. :-(

  • Lisa

    Hmm…says under construction, check back soon. Somebody broke it :(

  • DrJohnson

    Look people, don’t complain here this site is not for you whiners that are getting things for free.

    If you don’t like tobacco then shut up about it since it will not affect you in any such form other then your mind letting it get the best of you.

  • Woot

    AWESOME! thx Goob….

    Dr J u rock brotha, too many fatty’s complainin lol

  • KFM

    Heck yes! Another freebie from them! I got my hat and $10. gift card not too long ago. :D

  • butterfly_net

    GOOB IS A LOST FAN!!!! (I knew I liked you.)

  • Boo

    i gave them all my info,then they said they were sorry they could`nt give me access to their site.

  • Sherri

    I didn’t like the idea of giving my SSN either. Went through the whole thing and it didn’t give me access to the site….. :(

  • Gina

    Cool, can’t wait to get this freebie! Thanks, Goob!

  • Cassandra

    They didn’t ask me for my SSN, however made me sign my name, which I did a terrible job at. And, after all that they told me I don’t qualify for registering an account with them, which I’m wayyy over the age requirements. Ohwell.

  • Janet

    i cant get access to the site either… i answered all the questions that they asked for

  • Becky

    Yeah, they must be on to us. I went through the whole registering process and at the end they said they couldn’t grant me access to their site. Will try again tomorrow!

  • Kelly

    I did it, I used the same log-in as last time. I got my hat last month, along with a $10 gift card to Pro-Bass. I used the gift card to get $10 off the sweater I wore to work today. :)
    Yay! for Freebies!

  • Joy

    Thanks for the info on the freebie. I too received the campo hat and Bass Pro Gift Card from them and am looking forward to receiving the knife.

    Thanks Goob for passing on all freebies without deciding which ones you think are morally okay for us.

  • Julie

    As soon as I saw the word Lost I knew this website was amazing :D I can not wait for the premiere its in 3 hours! :)

  • Loyce

    I put in all of my information and they said they couldn’t give me access to the website at this time…..what’s up with that??????

  • allieoop

    1st time I tried it said I didn’t qualify ?!?! I’m well over 21, I assure you..
    Next time, it said it under construction?!?
    I’ll just pass, too much work for it

  • lauraannj

    I got my free hat and $10 bass pro gift card too – hat for my hubby and some earrings for me :) can’t wait for the “multi tool” Thanks Goob!!! Worked just fine for me. And to all of you afraid to put in your information – it’s available to anyone for a price anyway.

  • jill

    Can anyone tell me what I did wrong that I only got the hat? Did anyone else only get the hat or did I throw the giftcard away? Did they come together? Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeannie43952

    Thanks Goob! I just wanted to say that I do NOT dip, but I AM a smoker, and although I KNOW how horrible that is for my health, I’m not sure that I think it’s a moral conflict?? I’m having a difficult time thinking that although it’s a health hazard (and a bad one at that), that dipping or smoking is a moral issue? I guess if it IS a moral issue, then I have bad morals ;)

    Either way, I appreciate this and all of the freebies and if I were offended by ANY of them…I just wouldn’t sign up for them! Thanks again Goob!!

  • rob

    Thanks! You don’t have to use the pruducts to get the freebies. My son loved the hat and I am sure this pocket tool will be handy for the car or junk drawer. Thanks! I am bummed I missed out on the $10 gift card…must of been on vacation!

  • Wow! They sure ask for a lot of personal information. Kinda creepy. Thanks, but no thanks.

  • jayn

    yeah- I just tried it for the fifth time today. You go through all the junk, and then they won’t give you access to the website. It really bites. I got the last offer and it was great! So whats up this time??????

  • Irene

    Yay! Finally got mine today…also got a pack of playing cards from Marlboro! Don’t smoke don’t chew…I just love freebies!

  • Melissa

    I don’t know what you all are whining about this thing is free. If you have a problem putting in your info than just don’t do it. don’t cry about it to everyone else.

  • tim murray

    copenhagen has lots of free stuf

  • Katie

    Awesome! very easy if you are already registered.

  • phillip ratledge

    i like copenhagen i have used it for years i just wont my free knife

  • Brenda

    I got this for my married daugter, my married son, myself and my husband. For my husband, I used our cottage address. I’m confiscating all 4.

  • ty

    I got my free multi tool today! its awesome! has saws!

  • Sue

    Just created a login and requested the knife, says it’s on it’s way, easy!

  • George

    Just received mine yesterday! Nice little tool especially for free!

  • Melinda

    they kept asking for my s.s number. they said they could not confirm my age. After asking for my complete s.s. number I decided it was not worth it.

  • Melody

    We just got ours yesterday and boy, it is really nice- I barely got a look at it before my husband declared it for his tackle box. It is really too pretty for that! Anyone who gets one of these will really like it.

  • ASD

    I got mine yesterday. I think it can do everything but bake a cake. So many little tools, and so little time.

  • nancy

    Just got mine yesterday. Handy little tool. Wish I could get another. My son confiscated it. LOL

  • Laura Wright

    how long did it take for you guys to get it? it let me sign up for it, cant wait to get it!

  • Jessica

    Mine came on Friday.

  • JR

    Link for free multitool worked today (3/29/2010)
    Says offer over on 3/31

    10-12 weeks for shipping! wow.

  • Pattie

    I signed up for one when it was first offered and as yet have not received anything.

  • Susan

    Yes, it is still available. I just signed up for mine.

  • Julie

    im still waiting for mine; I got the snuff lid (pewter) last year and the camo hat, so still hoping this will come. They do take a while to ship, so hang in there. I usually get my goodies about a week after east coast does, so any day then!!

  • Mrs Sunshine

    They said I had already claimed it, but I haven’t. ????

  • Sue Woost

    i was going to sign up for one of these… they look like great little tools but i read that your SSN was necessary…
    no way in h*ll am i going to give that over that way.
    that’s amazing

  • ralphd00d

    Just signed in and it’s on the way. Good til 3/31/2010. I didn’t have to give my SSN – plus I entered for their big sweepstakes as well!

  • antonio yarbrough

    i cannot wait to get my free stuff.

  • Sigrith

    Offer ends today and I just signed up. Almost missed it but it says it’s on the way, so keeping my fingers crossed. They only asked for the last four digits of my SSN, but that’s nothing I’m worried about. If they had asked for the entire thing – absolutely I would have not signed up.

  • I just received my tool in the mail, and it is by far one of the beat freebies ever. The Copenhagen Co. should be commended for their marketing genius promotion, it does outshines the others.





  • kym

    I just received this pocket knife this week. It was beyond what I thought I would be receiving. Thought it was going to be cheap and flimsy. It was very nice! And came with a case.

  • christina

    TOTAL SCAM. guys serioulsy dont ever give out your social security number for a freebie! even if it is the last 4 digits!! that’s totally not worth it. you gave them your birthday, social security number, full name and address, and a host of other information. thats extremely unsafe and irresponsible of you all!!

  • Jessica

    #16 Becky | February 2nd, 2010 at 01:38 pm

    It only ask for the last 4 SSN, but it was creepy when it started verifying streets and phone numbers from the past 10 years…. Big Brother, anyone?
    It works with a system to pull info from credit reports (soft pulls, not hard so no inquiry from it) to obtain info to help verify you are who you say you are. Because it is a tobacco site they are required to verify that you are even of age to be a smoker. It’s the same way some credit card companies have their system where they say “which one of the four towns listed have you not lived in” and so on… It’s just a system used to verify people identity. They aren’t stalking you lol