Free Nature Made VitaMelts

Free Nature Made VitaMelts

Target is offering free Nature Made VitaMelts to anybody who isn’t weirded out by the name VitaMelts. I’d write more, but I have the flu, so I’m going back to bed and being a little wimp.

  • Jen

    Feel better soon! I’ve been battling the cold from hell for 9 days now…being sick stinks!

  • Veez

    I just got these in the mail yesterday, the mixed berry kind, so they must have been offered before. The mailing process apparently turns them to powder. But tasty powder, lol.

  • Victoria

    I’m on day 6 of being sick, it stinks. Hope you feel better soon!

  • lol i just got the vanilla one a few days ago and it was completly powder so i just through it out :P

  • I got the mixed berry in the mail today and it was powder. Welp.

  • Mine were powdered as well. Bummer.

  • Wanda Stevens

    I got the orange one on Tuesday and it was powder too. What’s up with that? I tossed it in the trash.