Free Neosporin Essentials Trial Pack

There’s a CVS offer available for a free Neosporin Essentials trial pack after a mail-in rebate good up to $13.99. The receipt has to be dated before January 13 and all rebates must be received by February 15. The pack includes a body wash, two creams, and … I don’t know, it comes in a box. So you get a box. Fancy you!

  • mrezee

    I wonder if this will work if you buy it at somewhere other than CVS. The form doesn’t even mention CVS.

  • Nicole Williams

    I was just wondering the same thing… because we don’t have CVS here.

  • Kretek

    It will work at a place other than CVS. I read the fine print. It’s a manufacturer coupon, not a CVS coupon.

  • Ashley

    Anybody else having issues getting the webpage to load?