Free Nexcare Give Bandages

Free Nexcare Bandaids

June 14 is World Blood Donor Day, which has to be the least fun world holiday out there. Giving blood is something I used to do regularly before I went through chemo and I miss it. Well, I miss the cookies and responding with “because I gave blood!” whenever people sneeringly asked why I napped that afternoon. My consolation is still qualifying for free Nexcare Give bandages on Facebook. They might not taste as good as cookies, though if you’re eating them, you probably shouldn’t be donating blood in the first place.

  • Breannaspinn

    I’ve submitted the form a

  • Breannaspinn

    I’ve submitted the form about 30 times and no luck…

  • chaosreins

    no thanks…they want to access my profile and friends list.

  • frogger

    Worked just fine for me, after I clicked the “like” button!

  • gardengal

    keeps telling me state invalid

  • Rachel Ostrowski

    Wouldn’t work on my tablet or Netbook, but did on my home computer. Maybe an issue with Wifi or page formatting. Also, had to click like and confirm.

  • Maria

    GO YOU going through chemo and kicking butt! Congrats and thanks for all the freebies!

  • Goob

    Thank you! :)