Free Nicorette Gum

If you don’t mind watching a one-minute video, you can get 20 free pieces of Nicorette gum. Just make sure you don’t accidentally get this confused with your normal gum. My dad once had these and I’m not a smoker, so it was a bit of a shock when I ate some garlic bread one afternoon and borrowed a piece of gum to get the flavor out of my mouth. Next time, I think I’ll just stick with the garlic breath.

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  • Steve

    I quit smoking a while back, but since Saturday morning when Hurricane Ike dropped a tree on my house, I’ve been considering starting again. So far, I have avoided that with booze and Xanax. Nicorette gum might help, too. You don’t have any coupons for free booze or Xanax, do you? How about tree removal? Roofs? Please keep an eye out for any of those. Thanks. ~Steve

  • Fay Ordahl

    Please send me a sample. I am ready to quit.

  • Ryan

    How do i get it?

  • Ellen

    Need some help.

  • Maria

    Please send me samples,want to quit

  • james glass

    send me some samples
    james glass
    1124 n main st apt 9
    poplar bluff mo 63901

  • rick

    trying to quit smoking, thank you

  • bek d

    I would love some. Please send asap.

  • chris

    i would love to try the gum!

  • Daniel moore

    I want to give up smoking I would like to try the gum

  • abi

    please could you send me a sample?
    Need to quit asap.


    I am looking for the video…I would like free nicorette gum…thanks

  • cheryl detar

    I am looking for the video also.

  • karen cordier

    I need to quit today. I have asthma,copd, bothering me all the time. please help me.

  • donna williamson

    Really want to quit smoking it is really bad for me can you help?

  • 777


  • Monique

    I really want to give up smoking. I been smoking for years. I know it’s time to quit, I really want to try the gum.

  • Kelly Pavely

    I have been smoking since I was 13 yrs old. I am now 44 and would truly love to finally stop. I believe with your help my dream of being a non smoker will finally come true.
    Thank you for your time,
    Kelly Pavely

  • Bobbi Jo Cartwright

    I’m 42 I have been smoking since I was 13 I’d love samples can you help me