Free Nordic Naturals Sample

EDIT: It appears that we overwhelmed their supply. Bummer.

There’s a tiny blue “free sample” link at the bottom of this page that will net you a free Nordic Naturals Wellness, Sport, or Pet pack. I have no idea what any of those are. I know Nordic refers to the northern countries in Europe. And there’s that NordicTrack infomercial I see every few days. So … I’m just gonna slowly back away from the keyboard now and hope nobody notices.

[thanks Deal Seeking Mom!]

  • Janie

    Looks like its salmon oil….

  • Jon

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  • LB


  • Obsessed ob/cc

    “…not at risk for radiation exposure”.

  • Anon

    Looks like they are out….

  • Eric

    It’s gone; probably long gone!

  • Mike


  • Kilrr

    Just requested a “Pet Pack” and the site said I should receive it within 4-6 weeks. Maybe they’re just out of people packs.

  • Maureen

    I think they are giving away samples again. I clicked on it just for the heck of it and there was a link for a free sample. It took all my info. The sample appears to be for Omega 3 oil for your pets. You could also choose a sample for yourself.

  • Leann

    Last week I went to Nordic Naturals site to request my free samples and was not able to get the “Wellness Sample” I tried again yesterday and it was back! Looks like they have some sort of weekly max!