Free Olay Pro Skin Headband

I have no idea what this free Olay Pro Skin headband is for. The page says “get your free headband to see what the skin experts see,” which increases my level of understand from None to Still None. I take it’s just a headband from Olay? Whatever, who cares, sign up and we’ll find out together what this is in six weeks.

EDIT: Holy moly, this is what we’re getting. It looks like something out of a low-budget science fiction movie. Haha, it’s not even useful! Oh well, it comes with a $5 coupon.

  • janna

    I love freebies.

  • Alyssa

    Includes a $5 coupon…

  • Emily

    if anyone wants to know what it is.

  • Andrea

    @janna Yepparooni

  • Leann

    Did anyone see that the choices for the birthdate go back to 1886? I’m not sure this could help you with your skin at that point.

  • Lucy

    Thats hysterical! $5 coupon sounds good though. Thanks!

  • Patricia

    Just slightly WEIRD!

  • garden gal

    tried to look at link for pic of what is coming. get error msg on both links.

  • Jon

    Oh, Goob, your edit with the video is hilarious…I have to agree with your description…”low budget science fiction movie” is right on target.

  • joy




  • Elizabeth

    It won’t let me sign up–keeps telling me I’m not indicating my apartment number correctly.

    Any suggestions?

    I’ve tried
    Apt. 21E
    Apt. #21E
    Apartment 21E
    Apartment #21E

  • Arlene

    @Elizabeth: I had put my unit number on address line two, but it wouldn’t take it, so I added the apt number right after the street address on line one, and BOOM, it took it with no problem! Can’t wait to see what this cheeseball headband looks like in 6 weeks or so, when it arrives.

  • Ely

    I also put my apt number on line two I just write #1101 most times on forms

  • Elizabeth

    Arlene & Ely: Thanks! It worked immediately. I left line 2 blank, just to be safe.

  • cheye

    I was so excited about this till I saw what I’m getting… :/

  • Maureen

    Cool headband! Now when do I get the rest of my free Halloween costume?

  • Vanessa

    Thank you so much — just looking at the picture on the website with the woman admiring herself in the mirror with that thing on her head made me laugh harder than I have in a long, long time. Then to read the other comments — ya’ll have made my day. Thank you, Goob, for including this (and no, I did not order one). Too funny.

  • tazie

    Leann– best laugh today– tks!

  • chrissy

    LOL. let’s meet back here in 6 weeks with our headbands on, maybe we will start a fashion trend

  • Jade B

    So much for thinking I’d be getting a work-out head band. Should’ve checked the pictures before I submitted my info llol!

  • Young and Thrifty

    A little worried about what experts are seeing on my forehead that a mirror and light bulb have failed me on. About the “birthdate go back to 1886″… yeaaah I’m sure this won’t help that person’s skin.

  • Jujubee

    At first, I read this post title as Free Potato Skin Headband.

  • MotownFreebie

    I think I’ll pass on this deal. Thanks, though.

  • Angela

    Freebies rule.

  • http://http.domain.tip/ joelzzzzz

    love you guys

  • heyitsmegan

    LOOOOOL. I actually wish I could have gotten this so I could laugh forever.
    I only just discovered this site (SO glad I did) and it’s the best freebie site I’ve ever been on. New favorite right here. Between the humor in the original post offer and the comments left, I can’t stop laughing!

  • Goob

    Thank you so much 😀