Free Old Navy Best Tee Shirt

EDIT: We Hiffed it. Hiffers easily got a huge chunk of the shirts though!

While watching The Soup tonight, I saw what might have been the world’s longest commercial. It had Mr. T, a fake doctor, and a dramatic reenactment with Anna Ferris, before culminating with this free Old Navy “Best Tees” shirt. The fine print says it starts tomorrow, but only 25,000 people can enter and it accepted my email so you might as well do it now and hope for the best.

The site is crawling, but they should email you a coupon for the free shirt eventually.

EDIT: Got the coupon already. We get until March 21 to redeem it.

  • sally jennings

    i love ols navy and i adore the shirts they have, casual;, but can also be what you want them to be.

  • Jann turner

    I love old navy

  • Stephanie L

    Awww not working yet :(

  • Alyssa

    The link doesnt work, keeps coming up that that website doesnt exist.

  • Tonia

    I love Old Navy. Always find good deals.

  • Stephanie L

    Just kidding! Just had to refresh a good number of times till it worked

  • lisa griffith

    Old Navy is awesome !!!!!!!!!!

  • Brook Lynn

    Got it!!! had to refresh my page twice but it went so happy i follow you on twitter!! thank you so much Goob!!

  • Jenn

    Sweet! Thanks!

  • Kellie

    THANKS SO MUCH :) mine went through I love your site :) :)

  • Susan C.

    got it! worked the first time! Thanks for the heads up on a good deal:)

  • Lisa M

    it said IE could displsy the webpage, but when I went to my email account the coupon was there! cool thanks

  • Cyndi

    Thanks so much I got it

  • Britt

    I think it worked for me too! Thanks for sharing, I would never have known otherwise so thanks!!

  • marsha butler

    Maybe i’ll get lucky?

  • shirley

    Thank you!, took a couple tries but got it. Everyone should switch to web browswer Firefox, it is seriously the best one out there. and looks great too.

  • Gwen

    Mine isn’t working can someone help? I have tried all the suggestions mentioned above.

  • Susan

    Got mine!!!! Didn’t think it took, but got my confirmation email.

  • J C M

    Your website is not working! Too bad. Sounded fun to do.

  • Ely

    dang I got it but wow that was so slow and tedius lol had to keep refreshing :)

  • These are great shirts!

  • Got Mine! Thanks Old Navy!

  • Ann

    My daughter told me about it and I got my coupon! TY, Laura

  • got mine! please thanks old Navy

  • Cortney Stroud

    Still waiting on my email

  • Annie

    Got through but didn’t get my coupon yet. How long did it take before you guys got them?

  • Patricia


  • stacy

    I have a problem printing. The image is not loading correctly.

  • Elizabeth

    Didn’t have to refresh at all! Go Chrome! Haha. Thanks! :)

  • earl

    all ran out b4 12am i didnt get 1

  • Bev

    Site said they’re all out :P

  • seed

    Our limited supply of free BEST-TEEs have all been awarded to lucky shoppers.

  • danell

    california its 11:50 pm and they are all gone

  • Sophia

    Thanks! It did take a while to load, but eventually it came!

  • Leann

    Our limited supply of free BEST-TEEs have all been awarded to lucky shoppers.

    You can still buy your very own BEST-TEE at

  • Laura

    Too late for me. But, I do appreciate that the site informs you immediately that the shirts are all gone – so many sites don’t reveal that info until you’ve filled out the form and jumped through all the hoops.

  • Larry

    I got it!!! :) this is the first of the first 2 people that call… that i actually was in time for in weeks!! :)
    Thanks Goob!!

  • kimi

    I got my coupon and redeemed it this morning already (cause I missed the addidas underwear last year when I waited and then stores ran out). They let you choose from several styles and the value was $8.50. Yay insomnia!

  • marti1013

    I initially used my private email but it didn’t show up for a couple of hours, so I tried my ‘hiffer’ acct. It showed up immediately, then when I checked my private one this morning, I got ANOTHER code. Sweet!! Thanks Goob! You posted the Old Navy freebie a half hour or more before other freebie sites!

  • fufucatwo

    Thanks Goob! Signed up late last night and received the email with coupon mid-morning today. Looking forward to wearing my new tee.

  • Annie

    Got my code this morning! And, my shirt after work today! The value was $12.94. Thanks Good!!! I got 2 codes too!! So, i’m giving one to my best freebie friend because she missed the whole thing.

  • pooja garg

    does any one have an extra code I can trade for with something else?

  • Faith

    I got it!!! thank you Goob! <3

  • Mary

    Already out

  • Corrina

    Poor Mr. T. He must be hungry if he’s resorting to hocking t-shirts for Old Navy. :(

  • Debbie

    Are the T shirts still around? I want one if they are…ty

  • waylon

    i love it

  • waylon

    May i get one

  • ariel

    you can get 2 free shirts, cause they have a BOGO special and it works to get the one you would pay for for free using your coupon :-)

  • Norma

    Thanks Old Navy! My family went and picked up our free shirts tonight.

  • Sharyn

    Woohoo, I had the same experience as Ariel. Used the coupon and was able to get 2 shirts for free because of their BOGO t-shirt offer!