Free Online Chore Chart

Suckers! This free online chore chart for MyJobChart is supposed to teach kids about hard work, money, rewards and yada yada yada. But all it really does is trick somebody else into doing the dishes, vacuuming the floor, and … what other chores are there? Is dusting still a thing?

Now, how do I go about getting a kid to come do all my chores?

I take it most Hiffers are signup up for parent accounts instead of a child’s. Once you create your free account, you can enter your children, upload pictures of them, and assign them all a password. After that you can start assigning chores, creating rewards, and delegating like a true champion. Your kids will be able to click their picture, enter their password, see which chores they need to complete, and much more.

This actually seems like a really nifty service and one I would definitely use if there were more humans in my home! :)


    I could see my brothers hacking this pronto to give me all the chores.

  • I like the cut of your brother’s jibs!

  • Angela Nolan

    perfect! I’ve been researching chore charts all week. thx