Free Origami Paper

I have decided for the remainder of my morning to be lazy. Yup, after chasing my cat a little too much down from the dresser, I’m going to explore the ancient art of origami with this free origami paper sample.

I’m going to make a ton of origami paper balls. Yup, that’ll teach the little rascal a lesson…

  • KFM

    Hooray! First freebie of the day to go through! :D

  • Connie Kristy

    I love origami.Yay!!!!

  • nikki

    sweet, ill use this as scrapbooking paper! thanks so much for this one

  • Kelli

    Yay! This is perfect! My daughter wants oragami cranes as centerpieces for her wedding reception so this paper will help us practice! Thanks!

  • Scarlett

    This looks like a fun offer. Thanks!

  • Thanks a bunch, recently my daughter just learned oragami!!!!

  • rc

    Yeepeee, more fun in the office. We just love origami.

  • Melissa

    It went through for me,Thanks :D

  • moostermiley

    Thanks Goob … this is one of the coolest deals yet :)

  • butterfly_net2

    Actually, it was Adam. ;)

  • sabrina

    yay! free scrap paper to write notes on!

  • silly_goose

    NICE! I love origami and free paper is awesome! Thanks!

  • Lisa L

    Fabulous! Thanks for the paper!

  • Jewels

    It has been so long since I’ve made origami! Thanks :~),

  • Nancy

    Thank you. Went through for me too. I love this site :)

  • Meredith

    You’d better be careful throwing paper balls for your cat! I have 5 cats and ALL of them play fetch. The youngest is ADDICTED, he’ll bring you a paperball and whine and whine and whine till you throw it and if he can’t find a BALL he find a receipt or scrap somewhere and bring you THAT so you can MAKE a paperball for him. Cute little dork will drive a person totally nuts. Trust me, as fun as it is to play fetch with the cat, you don’t EVER want it to turn out like my kitten, he does this daily and wow… annoying little dork.

  • mama2

    Did anyone get their origami paper? It’s been more than 2 months without any sign of it here.

  • Keetha

    I want this but there is a problem……..I live in Canada and this won’t allow me to put my order though………..that sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • josh

    never tried

  • josh

    i have never tried

  • DesireeWD

    they maynot have choosen you to recieve it,yea they have to choose you

  • Ha! This was posted 5 years ago, but it has me laughing. Annoying little dork. I hope he’s still around? He sounds like a cool cat. I have a 9 year old cat named, Nerd, who has a lot of personality, too.