Free Outback Steakhouse Dinner

EDIT #2: This is no longer available.

EDIT: As of Thursday afternoon, this offer is still available. Also, if you got an error message while signing up, make sure you contact Outback and tell them about it.

At 9pm EST tonight (Aug. 24), there will be 1 million free Outback Steakhouse steak and potato dinners given away online. Note the online part. Don’t go to your local Outback tonight and expect a free dinner or else things might get a little dicey.

If you want a reminder, text OUTBACK to 27438 and they’ll text you before the giveaway starts.

[thanks Margaret!]

  • Jennifer Anne

    OMG If I actually get this I will scream in excitement. My boyfriend and I LOVE Outback! Their bread is AMAZING!

  • http://Twitter lexii

    Is the free dinner only for one person?

  • Goob

    Yeah, unfortunately the fine print says one free dinner per household.

  • tsana

    This is my first time on this website and I am already impressed! Thanks!

  • Sue

    neither my boyfriend nor I text.

  • Kacee

    I think the time is an hour off. 8est based on the remaining time!

  • Susan

    it’s not off… says 5 hours left, it’s currently 4pm est.

  • verita

    Do u print this out or does it come in the mail or what?

  • Chris

    I’m confused, right now ( 1:30 Pacific time) the ticker says 1 hour and 23 minutes.

  • Cat

    Go to their website and you will see EXACTLY how much longer before it starts. It ISN’T 9PM EST!

  • ChrisTx

    So I am in Texas and its Central Time Zone here, and the size says 3 horus and 2 minutes and 43 seconds. I am also at work.


  • Shannon

    I am on pacific time here in California and when I went to the website it says there is less than an hour which would be at 3 pm here. Maybe it is different for all time zones?

  • Kacee

    My countdown currently says 2 hours and 20 mins. It is 4:39 here. So that’s 7 central.

  • lana

    countdown is over, nothing happened…

  • Traci

    Countdown is at zero and nothing happened.

  • Rich


  • Steph

    Nope, nothing happened. Countdown just ended (I’m on Pacific time). Guess we just wait for 9:00pm Eastern time? I’m a bit confused.

  • Ana

    times over and nothing happened!

  • Dean Miller

    Looks like the Aussies got one over on us!

  • Heather

    My timer still says 2hrs 25min if that helps anyone…

  • addy3096

    My timer still says 2h and 14m left……

  • Linda Hotaling

    Says time is up and I have 2 hours and 7 minutes yet to go.

  • amanda

    timer is at ZERO ???? it is now 3:58 pst (california time)…………… poops :(

  • Chris

    the timer timed out on me earlier but seems to have reset and now says 1 hour and 16 minutes

  • Diane

    That would be great if I could get a free Dinner from the Outback Steakhouse! Thanks Outback Steakhouse!

  • TayorHouston

    I am the boyfriend of the comment below. It’s true. The bread is awesome.

  • Rich

    I’m starving!

  • Rich

    i’m not the boyfriend below. lol

  • whip

    Get ready for another computer crash.They’ll be overwhelmed.Facebook strikes again.

  • Susan

    Thank you! Got it!

  • Susan

    Here’s what it says after: After we confirm your address with the US Postal Service, your voucher for a free steak dinner will arrive in the mail within 4 weeks.

  • kirsten

    mine says no steaks left in my town really?? stinks

  • Margaret Kroitor

    Got mine!

  • Ellen

    Got it Goob!! Thanks so much! Anyone else who goes there, be sure to try out the Peach/Strawberry/white zinfandel sangria!!

    Hope you are doing well Goob. Keep us updated.

  • susan

    Say’s I’m to early…..come back in 2 hrs 58 minutes….wt??

  • erin

    Yeah! got one! awesome! thanks goob!

  • Laura

    On my first try it told me – Sorry only one to a household!

  • Margaret

    It says 9 PM EST

  • Steph

    Guess the west coast has to wait until 9:00pm pacific time.

  • Dee

    Mine said I will get a $5 off two entrees coupon. Not exactly free*shrug*

    Thanks Goob

  • loshla

    Okay, signed up, hit “submit” and it said sorry only one per household????? anyone else?

  • stephanie

    I entered everything in, and then it said only 1 per household…and i was the only one that entered….ugggggg

  • susan

    Yes. 9:00EST is 6:00PST…..and it’s now 6:06 and still says I’m early

  • http://yahoo linda kornaski

    Hah!! got in @ nine— ‘none left in my area’ BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! bummer!

  • tina

    Not happy. It first said they were out and only offering $5 off. I watched it count down. No way they could have been out. When I tried again, it said only one per household. What a racket.

  • Florence

    I got right in but when I submitted my info I got a scolding note saying, “Sorry, only 1 per household.” I don’t know why they think I already got one. :-(

  • Jennifer

    I got mine! Thanks!!!

  • Amy L.

    Got one for my brother, he loves Outback! Thanks Goob, you are the awesome!

  • tsana

    It let me on the site, filled out the app, then said Sorry mate one per household, ( I didnt get one) so I tried another adress and Email and that stinking thing said the same thing. Blah

  • Jenny

    same for me only one per household…I just did it :(

  • loshla

    Great, I retried, it said the same thing, rules say if you do it more than once-it’ll void all entries:(

  • Rich

    west coast? NOPE! Gotta wait 3 more hrs.

  • Drea

    That was easy- I got one for me, one for each of my sisters, one for my boyfriend and one for my parents. Woo!

  • tuesday

    i want to win

  • Kandi

    Had to use another zipcode but I got one and so did my husband. Thanks

  • loshla

    Maybe it means you got it but, “don’t try again”

  • Don R

    Well, that sucks. Filled all the information in, and it says ‘Sorry, mate, only one entry per household’. What’s that all about? This happened on the first attempt and entry filled out in the alloted time.

  • Kathy

    Yeah, on my first try, it told me “sorry, 1 per household”. So, I guess I didn’t get one:( BOO!

  • sam

    Yay just got 2 of them thanks

  • t

    says “sorry 1 per household” as if you had already done it

  • chloe

    got mine thanks

  • sam

    use 2 different computers and maybe a family members address close to you – 2 different names too

  • gary

    This was a great offer,thanks

  • Edna

    Whoo hooo ! Got 2!!!!

  • boe

    gots 2 hooray!!!

  • http://Google Jean Jones

    this would be great!!!!!

  • Marissa Baca

    It keeps saying that there is only one per household but it did this on my first time requesting one and now it won’t work for me at all.

  • Michelle

    Got three freebies and 2 coupons! Myself, my boyfriend, my parents, my boyfriend’s parents, and my little brother! If only I ate steak…maybe they’ll let me trade it for soup and salad…mmm now we’re talkin’.

  • Rich

    West Coast Update: Looks like their sever is buckling. Site is going down. Cant process zip code. Even so, By the time 9pm comes, they will probably all be gone.

  • shorty4014

    My whole family (each of their own households) are in for one! It was super quick for the first 5 mins which is still surprising. By 10 after, it was backed up. Also saw a commercial for it shortly after it started.

  • chris

    evidently my zip code is unacceptable.LOL



  • steve

    All out of steaks in my Mpls, MN area

  • Sue

    Its a scam….I filled it out and hit send and it went to server not valid…. scam

  • Molly

    I plugged in different addresses for different friends and it appeared to work.

  • Kacie

    I can’t even enter in my zip code! It keeps failing! And I’ve been trying since 8pm (CST)!!!!

  • joni

    I got mine !! site was actually fast considering how many were trying!

  • Jane

    Got mine :)

  • jan

    I tried several times and finally it worked and I got one. Keep trying.

  • kjhgohl;h

    it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patricia

    Yeah! Got One! Thanks for the great post!

  • angela

    wus up with the time zone thing….did someone change it? 9pmET is def 6pm Pacific…but keeps telling me Im early


  • steve

    got mine

  • concepcion

    I didn’t have a issue w/this.I have one and submitted one for a friend.Now I just have to wait 4wks and hope they won’t make us sit @ seperate

  • Angela Smith

    Come on, this is just annoying. First it says I missed the last steak at my location, THEN I get through, put in my info, and it says “Sorry mate, one per household” even though no one else in my house has signed up. Now I’m just getting tons of errors…

  • Brittay

    I’ll be getting mine in 4 weeks!!
    Thanks so much for posting it!:)

  • ChrisTx

    Crap never got one!

  • Rebecca

    Saw it on the hey it’s free site and then my son saw the commercial this evening. I was able to get the free steak – yeah!

  • Mysti Distance

    It told me one per a household…and I am the only one who lives here…UGH!!

  • Barbara

    mine is on the way 😉

  • Barbara

    Just got home – 11PM – but tried it anyway and I got one! Took several tries to get through.

  • Paula

    Worked like a charm. Said they will confirm my address and mail it out with in 4 weeks

  • Shannon

    Thanks! Mine is supposedly on its way to me.

  • Coco

    household issue — no reason why.

  • Karen

    Apparently someone used my name cause it said sorry mate only 1 per household. BOGUS!

  • LB

    They’re having a lot of issues with the 1 per household thing – try signing up with a slight change in your address like W.E.N.S etc or write ST instead of Street…or try secure browsing.

    I signed up and got one earlier! YAY!

  • Leonard

    What a disappointment! I signed up and it said, “Sorry mate, only 1 per household.” I was the only one in our household to sign up. What happened?

  • Steph

    Finally got it! No problems here. Thanks for the heads up! :)

  • Leonard

    I tried LB’s idea and still it doesn’t work.

  • maria

    i really hope i get this dinner. My mouth is already drooling

  • Rich

    Thanks Goob! Just got 5 fam members. No loading issues. Everything went smooth with all 5 at 9:10 pacific.

  • susan

    Finally got it!!

  • Pamela

    Thank you so much! I got one at 9:18PM PST. I really needed this after the week I’ve had.

    Love your site!!!!

  • Mary Arcadia CA

    Got mine at 9:11 PST. Thank you Outback!!! Love the food. Anxious to go!!!

  • margie

    it said sorry, limit one per household. i did not yet get one. so, didnt work for me.

  • angela

    does anyone know if the voucher has to be used at the location options it gives you? Or can it be used at any location?

  • theresa b

    I too got the limit 1 per household message. I am the only one on the computer!!! I went to their contact site and emailed them. When I put in my zip code and the one resturant in town and in q 25 mile radius popped up, there was no message saying that the limit for that store had been reached. My husband is disabled and we have 4 kids and are poor. I was hoping to take him out on a cheap yet nice date!

  • Annie

    NO FREE STEAKS LEFT??? oh foo foo :(

  • Paul

    Steaks still available in CO. Just got mine.

  • Kim

    Just got mine in PA

  • Earl

    All gone in Beaumont. Offering $5 coupon off 2 meals.

  • Sara

    I got mine! Thanks, Goob, you are awesome. I hope you’re feeling well. :)

  • veedot

    to all those who missed it last night, i reccommend trying again this morning.

  • April Lynn

    Thanks GOOB!!!! my thoughts and prayers are with you. thanks for the joy your freebie site has given me the last 3 years ?????????????

  • JenW

    Limit one per household? There must be a glitch, because I’m the only one living at my address! Ugh.

  • michele

    Stupid one per household. I’m the only one trying to sign up

  • Michelle

    They are out of steak dinners but are currently giving away $5 off coupons now.

  • obsessed ob/cc

    Got the coupon. Better than nothing. Thanks! :)

  • Amber

    Hey I just saw on a comment on facebook they replied to send them a message here the first item in the drop down box is that you received the 1 per household message. Hope this helps!

  • Chris

    I got mine but received a message saying that they were going to confirm with the postal service that I actually lived at the address.. well yes I do! Glad I’m on a first name basis with my postal carrier!.

  • Terry

    Got mine – can’t believe it was still available!

  • geri

    got one, thanks. it was a beating. server got backed up. then it said i could get $5 off. then said only one per household. then said i got one. we’ll see.

  • Brooke Lynn

    i got my coupon for $5 bucks off 2 entrees…its better than nothing…thanks GOOB!!!! =)

  • leslie

    $5 coupon, Better than nothing:)

  • theresa b

    Has anyone heard back from contacting Outback? Still waiting since that night on the 25th. Beginning to think I am in for a bum deal. :{

  • George Getzone, Jr.


  • a

    my birthday was the 26th called restaurant the manager gave me local corporate regional office they sent me fedex overnight a birthday present of a gift certificate for $25 isn’t that awesome big storm next day no lights till patriots owner sent generators to elderly housing no pockets in the coffin might as well spend his billions police station fed us after 2 days no food too upset to eat then pigged out !!!!!!!!!! stop and shop fed us breakfast lunch and dinner

  • a

    pissed i did not get target freebie i look every week

  • kat

    Just got my free steak card in the mail WooHoo! I thought It wouldn’t come when the website said sorry only one per household but the email came yesterday and the free dinner card came today! Thanks Outback!

  • Robert

    How do you get free steak dinner. Where do you click or download or what confusing please help how to use HIF

  • Eric

    I got my coupon a couple of weeks ago, I think I went through Facebook though…anyway, it worked!

  • Vanessa

    Thanks very nuch got mine too!!!!!!

  • Luana Bernardes

    ham naum entendi?