Free Pair of Headphones

Altria sent me a Cease & Desist asking I remove their promotion image for … whatever stupid reasons they have.

So these free earbuds from Black & Mild are basically a free pair of headphones. To make matters easier, I believe the exact same login info from yesterday’s Copenhagen offer will work on Black & Mild’s site.

I guess this means I can finally sing at the top of my lungs on the subway without having to listen to myself! Now I just need a bucket of free earplugs to hand out to my fellow passengers.

  • meme

    hey they want you to be 21 and they also want you to be a smoker..

  • Holly Landry

    The music is pretty good too. Listen to the “Feeling like a King” track by the O’My’s, on the Until Daylight playlist

  • Holly Landry

    Gee, maybe it’s because they sell CIGARS. Why should they want to give freebies to people who will never buy anything from them? And the over 21 rule is due to laws, not their fault.

  • mrezee

    I can get these now that I’m 21. Woohoo!

  • ty

    really wish they would give free cigars. would give me an excuse to smoke again

  • tefimom

    I can’t get this to work, it keeps saying there is a missing field even though there isn’t

  • kickformoney

    I love how easy these are to get, just click and receive it! ( Sorry that it’s not working for you, tefimom. )

  • lorry

    mine is on the way,cant wait

  • Tom

    Got mine. Over 21 is because it’s the law. And I don’t smoke, never have, never will.

  • Tom

    You have to be over 21 for ANYTHING tobacco related. I’m over 21, but do not, and never will smoke. But I’m getting a pair, as is my wife and brother.

  • lhrdst1

    That was QUICK! I already got my ad/code in the mail and went online to claim the gift.. can’t wait to get them!

  • lhrdst1

    Update: I got mine in the mail – I love the case it comes in!

  • Justin Bieber

    How do you sign up? It says Your Information Cannot Be Verified.

  • karlene dunn

    This free headphone expired in july 2014 it was a nice one sound like your in the studio,I hope it comes back cause my disabled Son turned one side up too high and broke it.