Free Pantene Shampoo

  • Denise

    I got this message (and I tried 3 different email addresses):

    We’re Sorry
    We already have your household registered for a form.

    Don’t remember requesting this, and I definitely never received it…

  • Joann

    Link isn’t working for me using IE. : (

  • nemo

    Well, they do label it as a “Mystery Giveaway.” I got the same message as Denise. It’s a mystery; I couldn’t begin to remember which shampoo samples I’ve received. They’re all I use, thanks to you, Goob. Oh well, another one gets away.

  • ziggywiggy

    the link worked for me, it’s always a matter of lucky timing. Thanks Goob- never said that before but I’ve gotten a ton of free stuff because of HIF!

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