Free Pencil Case With Supplies

EDIT: Wow, we Hiffed the living daylights out of that one. I don’t know whether to be proud or sad.

Well I’ve already botched posting one freebie today, so let’s see if I can get one of these right. Phaidon Press is giving away a free Nicholas Club membership packet, which is basically a small pencil case with a few items in it (pencil, ruler, eraser, stickers, etc.) To get the freebie, click on the “How to join my club” balloon near the upper left on their site.

I like the drawings all over the site, especially the ones on the main page of the little character. One of the drawings has a massive frown on his face and is looking right at the balloon leading to the freebie. I’m guessing he’s the guy in charge of finances. The dude with the top hat is easily the smart one and the guy crying is me after mistakenly posting a freebie this morning that wasn’t going to come. Whoops!

  • "Due to exceptional demand, THe Nicholas Club membership pack is no longer available to new members. Sign up below for my fantastic newsletter"


  • Angel B.

    I didnt even get to sign my son up…foohy!!

  • Susana

    those went fast…

  • POOF!

  • Scarlett

    Due to exceptional demand… longer available. Boo hoo!

  • Oh well….

  • Heatherinski

    This has been around awhile, so I got it when it was still going. Sorry about the rest of you guys that didn't get it.

  • D

    never even received it like most of the stuff on this site it never gets to the house!! what’s up with that?

  • jean

    like to try new things for the kids all the time

  • brenda

    do i look as if i care? yeah i know you cant see me lool

  • when will i get because i am really happy.

  • anwser to brenda

    oii Brenda if u don’t care then why are u looking at it in the first place???