Free Personalized Video from Santa

Free Personalized Video from Santa

This free personalized video from Santa offer is always a favorite of Hiffers. Well, I’m assuming their children love it more than they do. It’s fairly straightforward to set up and you’re even given the option to pay for an upgraded video with more bells and whistles, but the free one gets the job done just fine.

  • km

    It’s a scam – they’re trying to sell their “letters from Santa” and continue spamming you. Highly discourage this, and the calls never came anyway

  • AmberLynnspanks

    I got the Email, It was awesome!  my son is 5 so it was magical!  seeing his reaction, that santa know how old he is and what grade, and knowing where he lives.  He even had his picture.  This is great leverage to use as we approach the season!
    Not a scam.

  • DanielaJuarez

    I just received my daughters video from santa… she is going to love it!!! it’s soo neat!! NOT A SCAM!

  • dmt1951

    This is the second year I sent this to my grandson.  He loves it and watches it many, many times prior to Christmas.  He loves that Santa pronounces his name correctly and knows that he lives in Brazil.  There are four levels of participation…the first is free.  The prices range from $3.99 to $20.99.  The video is delightful.   I have never received any spam from them.

  • BrianR

    I linked the laptop into the TV and my daughter (32 months old).  Just sat there spellbound watching her Santa video on the TV… the personalization is remarkable.  When she say her name and picture in the book she was so excited that Santa really knew who she was and was keeping close track of her in his book.  I’m guessing we won’t be having any problems from her between now and Christmas!  😉

  • till

    how do i get the video?

  • rylea

    How do. I. Get. A. Video. From. U

  • Goob

    Not. Bye. Tieping. Lyke. Dat.