Free P&G Product Samples

Free P&G Product Samples

Sam’s Club members can receive free P&G product samples with a valid membership number. I couldn’t get it to accept my dummy number, so maybe Sam’s Club has finally entered the twentieth century!

  • Joann

    Still worked for me Goob. You should try again.

  • Delene DeVries

    didn’t say if I would receive the sample, just brought me to the home page

  • Jilly

    How many numbers did you use? Wouldn’t work for me either, but I used the fake card next to the form as a guide for how many I used.

  • Ray

    I started with 10142110545 and just added 6 more numbers to it. Maybe it’ll work if you try it.

  • Caroline

    My usual bogus card number didn’t seem to work this time. Sad!

  • cindy

    Thanks It did work!

  • Nikki

    Try a nine digit number code and make sure it starts with the number two! It worked for me!

  • Amy

    I did the number posted here with 6 more digits and it worked, Goob!

  • Amy

    10142110545 Use this number, Jilly and add 6 digits to it, I got it to work that way

  • Rachel

    Thanks, that worked!

  • Theresa Bussard

    thanks, this worked!!

  • Tabitha

    Thanks, Ray that worked..:)

  • Megan Goodnight

    Unfortunately all the use of fake numbers I didn’t get one because my valid card had already been redeemed :(

  • Suzanne

    Said they were out and to check back later to see if any more samples became available…

  • Barbara

    I used my real card,and it worked fine. Cool,thanks

  • Thanks a lot for sharing , its awesome

  • mandi

    this ones dead….

  • Casey Bridges

    That worked

  • Aimee Worley

    Thanks, Ray! You’re awesome! I got a confirmation with mine as well!

  • Beth Brinkley

    Love samples