Free Pilot FriXion Pens

Free Frixion Pens

While you’re at Walgreen picking up your 20 free photos, swing by the office supply isle and grab some free FriXion pens. They’re erasable ink pens and, while I didn’t find them to be all that great, you’ll be paid to buy them!

Buy 3 packages of Pilot FriXion pens at $1.19 each.
Use $1/1 coupon found in Walgreen’s April Coupon Book (found near the entrance).
Pay around $.60 out of pocket.
Send in the rebate found on the pen packages. It says you’ll get a $4.50 rebate.
Make $3.90!

You’ll be getting six pens in all and almost $4! Plus, think of the fun you can have with the erasable ink. Think I’ll be able to get away with giving out IOUs as presents and then covertly erasing them?

[thanks Passion for Savings!]

  • Susan

    Don’t forget the cost of the stamp, Goob :)

  • Fair point!

  • kimberly

    you can get 10 packs for 2.47

  • cole

    They’ll let you use the coupon 3 times? If you have to do it in separate purchases I bet the rebate won’t work.

  • Dragracechick

    Usually they only give you a rebate for what you paid. So you may only get back the $.60! Still great!!

  • e.v.3

    oh … and stop by your kroger market pick up a redbox dvd with code DVDKROG…so any ralphs or food for less…etc…

    its free…i tried it…

  • Sandy

    Went by my Wags yesterday, the pens were cleaned out!! Argh (pirate language for sh*t). :)

  • Cindy

    Yeah, your right Dragracechick. Just what ya paid for it since they request the receipt too.

  • Susan

    But the price paid shouldn’t include the coupon. So it should still be $3.57… we shall see. It does say one per household, so I used my work address and my parents’ info to send away for the rebate 3 times.

  • Gloria Walshver

    I’d love the free Pilot Frixion pens.

  • Julie

    Cole-the way Walgreens works is that if you have a Walgreens coupon, that coupon will multiply by the number of that item you buy. Sometimes there is a limit as to how many you can buy, but you never know what that limit is until you buy them. So if you buy 3 of those pen packs, you only need one Walgreens $1 coupon; then that $1 coupon will multiply by 3. Only Walgreens coupons work that way, not manufacturer coupons.

  • joni

    They didnt have any in my Walgreens and everyone that works there is always so unhelpful but I saw ones that rang up over 4dollars guess im outof luck(

  • Off to walgreens I go!

  • shannon

    I guess I am lazy, this offer requires me to use my gas and go into the store and try to not buy anything else and use a stamp… aaaaaa to much work for little money!

  • LULU S

    If anyone lives in san Jose Ca do not visit the walgreens on Monterey Road. THEY R RUDE AND NOT COUPON FREINDLY.

    They will not multiply the coupon for 3 packs of gel pens. Theu said its only 1 pere custoerm per product.
    I made a HUGE complain t to their corp office.
    But I did go to another walgreens and they said they will grant the 3 packs of gel pens with one coupon and beciuase they ran out they gave me a rain check for 3. so thats good Ü

  • kevin

    I checked three different Walgreens until I a store that had some but they are $4.00 a pack!! Where are you finding them for $1.19? Any ideas would be helpful.

  • kevin

    I finally found a store that had some but they were $4.00 a pack!! Where are you finding them for 1.19? Any ideas would be helpful.

  • Teresa

    The pens were 4.19 at my Walgreens, and out of stock to boot.

  • Debra

    These pens were $3.99 at my Walgreens…and the coupon said “limit one per customer”. :(

  • Gina

    Has anyone received their rebate check yet? I tracked mine and still nothing…

  • Emily

    I tracked mine and it was nothing. So I sent an email to the rebate center and they came back saying that they did not receive my rebate request. They asked me to resend the copies of everything to them. But I did not photocopy the bar code. I will not waste another stamp for a 4.50 rebate. What a bummer.

  • Emily

    I have bought these in the past. Last year actually, and when I used them…if you leave the paper you wrote on out in the car…the ink disappears. IT SUCKS! all my school work had disappeared. I was very very upset.