Free Plants vs Zombies iTunes App

Free Plants vs Zombies iTunes App

I wrote about Plants vs. Zombies last Halloween, causing many Hiffers to subsequently yell at me for getting them hooked on such a fun, addictive game. What can I say? Wasting time is my speciality. If you missed out then, you’ve got another opportunity to snag the game since Plants vs. Zombies is now free thanks to Apple’s “App of the Week.”

Now get out there and kill those zombies! Preferable while at work or in school.

[thanks Saving with Shellie!]

  • Cassandra

    I JUST played a little of Plants vs. Zombies on my computer. I was thinking to myself, I haven’t visited HIF in a while. So I left my snail collecting coins on a different window, and what do you know… You have a freebie here for the game. What a coincidence! :) I guess I should get back to my research now… Grad school and planning a wedding…shouldn’t be playing these things………..

  • Grad school? Wedding?! How can you be thinking of such trivial things when ZOMBIES ARE TRYING TO EAT YOUR PLANTS?! :D

  • I clicked on the link. It is currently listed @ .99