Free Playboy & Maxim Subscriptions

EDIT 2: Both of these are working again.

We’re all adults here, so sign up for this free Playboy magazine subscription or don’t. It doesn’t matter either way to me. Personally I passed on this and will be sure to hide the issues from each week’s Freebies I Received post. Wait…doh!

Make sure you take the short survey on deodorant after signing up as I think it’s required. And on a similar subject, it looks like the free Maxim magazine subscription is still available.

  • Wendy

    Just ordered both for my hubby – Happy Father’s Day Honey!!

  • lucy

    playboy subsc not available for now..for my hunky ;0

  • Christine G

    ha maybe I’ll subscribe and just not tell my husband so he won’t know what to think when he sees them in my name.

  • Chris

    LOL @ Christine

  • Bailey

    UGH! Sad I missed the Playboy, would have been fun.

  • Maria

    I hope the Maxim comes this time. Last time I got a free subscription they sent me an e-mail confirming and then I never got it!!

  • Ashley

    Yep, Maxim is still available. I just requested it. Said it will arrive in 6-8 weeks.

  • Dan

    i hope this really works and doesnt just send me a bunch of junk mail… LOL

  • Judy

    Thanks for this! I had a subscription at my former office which I no longer receive and was sending them to my son in Afghanistan. He asked me to keep sending them and I was waiting to find a link to get it free.

  • Darrell

    Playboy is back up! I tried it out on a whim and after signing up two (fake) friends and answering a deodorant survey, I was told it would arrive in a few short weeks.

  • Jake

    I just did the same as Darrell and it worked for the Playboy subscription…might want to repost!

  • Julie

    The playboy subscription is up again!! Just got the subscription for my hubby!! =)

  • kevin

    still availableeeeee

  • jennie

    my husband will sooooooo love this! Thank you so much guys :-)

  • amy

    Just got the playboy, we will see if it shows up have ordered other mags from rewardsgold but none have shown up yet.

  • SD Guy

    I tryed these a while back and supposedly they send they were going to ship them out to me. but nothing. and i come back today Nov. 2 2010 and the links are still working. So i did the surveys again. Same thing. i got thru to the end. Hopefully i get that Maxim Magazine this time.

  • alison

    playboy is up again, just got it for a friend.
    this website actually delivers its promised magazines; i have gotten 4 monthly issues of playboy as well as maxim, ebony, and jet (ebony and jet they offer as a complimentary gift at the end of a rather boring survey)
    the only complaint is every time i get maxim, i recieve not one but two copies of the issue. better two than none!

  • Korbin

    im 13 and my mom was mad I ordered them. told her I threw them away. secret stash :)

  • Candy Russell

    will the subscriptions arrive and be in large legible print? Seeing is believing.

  • yiiil

    i can’t got it

  • Jessica

    I did the razor survey for the Maxim subscription last time it was up, and I receive the magazine every month.

  • Dakota

    Sweet, I got my first Playboy today. December 2010 issue.

    So far I have 3 issues of Maxim, October, November, and December.

  • Dakota

    For those of you saying “I don’t wanna get introuble for playboy.” or “I’m embarrassed that my mail-woman / man might think wrong of me.”

    Mine came in a black package wrap, so you can’t really tell it is playboy,
    Nothing shows on it, so its concealed.

    Don’t hesitate.

  • geese

    got my first playboy and two maxims so far. thank you so much!

  • Jean

    Still working! Snagged Playboy…hope my husband enjoys it!

  • Lisa L

    Yay, just got Playboy! How awesome is that? My fiance will be happy! THX GOOB!

  • kimberly

    Hey everybody today in Jan 2,2011 and the offer is still going thru. hopefully in 8-10 weeks i will recieve first subscription to playboy for my man……for free but he wont know it was free….he will think im the best!!!

  • Alfonzo

    I told my mom I could get free stuff from HIF. She wanted me to get her some “adult magazines”… these are for her

  • Thanks my hubby will be very surprised :)

  • Marcy

    I just ordered the free subscriptions for my husband and my son! They will really be excited! Thank you for these freebies!!!!

  • Jane

    I did this for my friend and he said they sent him a bill has this happened to any one else?

  • Chris

    I got my Maxim in the mail yesterday, after 3-4 weeks. I have not seen any bill

  • shauna

    Just ordered playboy for my hubby! Hope it comes!

  • SilverWolf

    Page linked said it was not a valid offer…