Free Pro and Anti President Obama Stickers

EDIT: The pro-Obama stickers have been exhausted.

Please don’t make me regret posting these. The only approved topics for the comments are how much you love HIF and how awesome Hiffers are. That’s it.

There’s a free 2012 President Obama reelection bumper sticker available while the GOP is offering a free #WeCantWait NObama sticker. Get one, get both, get neither, I really don’t care. Just don’t make me have to moderate the comments for the next few hours and I’ll be thrilled.

  • Leann

    I love HIF and HIF is awesome!

  • That’s the kind of comments I want. Leann knows what’s up!

  • Amy

    I love that everyone can get what they want!

  • Michelle

    Where’s the “Goob for President” bumper stickers? Freebies for every man, woman, and child! HIF all the way! Gooooooo Goob! :-)

  • cali girl

    I gave a wrong phn number :0
    Just wanna rock the bumper sticker -no worries,wont say what one!- hope it still works!

  • marti

    I’m with Michelle. Where IS the “Goob for President” bumper stickers?

    And yes, HIF is the awesomest!

  • Laura

    Am going to pass on this as I don’t use any bumper stickers. But, want to say “Goob for President”. HIF is terrific!

  • Leslie

    WTG – Cover both sides so no one should be able to complain (though they shouldn’t anyway). Very diplomatic! Goob for Pres!

  • Lori

    I am pro-Goob and I approve this message!!!

  • Kelly

    I love love HIF!!!!!!!!! And Goob is Great!
    Goob for President!

  • Goober

    The GOP can’t get a picture up of our free bumper sticker? I’ll pass for now.

  • MotownFreebie

    I am personally undecided on next year’s election but voted Obama the last time and wanted to get the NObama sticker as a surprise for a special someone for their Christmas stocking, but I don’t want to associate my name with the GOP at this time. Not exactly rooting for Dems either. Dilemma!

  • ChrisTx

    HIF for President!

  • Mike

    A couple of people who just couldn’t follow instructions on how great HIF is and otherwise stifle.

  • Liam

    I’m gonna place both bumper stickers on my car ;)

  • Divide by Zero: put both on the same car!

  • Barbara

    I love HIF. Hiffers are awesome.


  • Missjulia

    HAhaha. I was going to get both and put both on the car too ;P

  • joni

    America land of the FREE :-)

  • 6666the zebra

    thanks i will safe that sticker to my children children yeah rite

  • Beth

    I am just not a bumper sticker kind of gal. I have never had one on any vehicle I have ever owned…but I would gladly put a “Goob for President” sticker on my car!

  • Deedee


  • janice

    Hey Goob..I’ll pass on the Sticker, However If I had a sticker, which said Goob ROCKS, I definitely would put it on My Jeep…Your WEBSITE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maya

    im getting both and putting them on my sister’s car :)

  • Meredith

    Lol Maya… I almost choked on my coffee when I scrolled down to yours. You should do that and take a pic of it and post it….. 2 funny …. HIF ROCKS

  • Because Goob’s life would implode without a tinge of regret, let me just say “Not true Amy” and I’ll leave it at that. See, not that bad!

  • Andi

    For those not wanting to put the bumper sticker ON your car, what I do is leave the backing on & just use scotch tape and tape it on the inside of my window (facing out obviously). No damage done and easy to remove then!

  • Lisa

    Vote for Rocky Anderson, The Justice Party! Seriously!

  • Mike

    No damage done by Andi, except that dog she backs up over because she’s blocked her rear window with taped on bumper stickers. ;)

  • Maureen

    forget “NOBama” I want a “NO political ads” in 2010.
    However, I would also take a “Hey, its free … our country, Goob for Prez” sticker.

  • Michael Seneschal

    HIF is awesome.

  • LauraSee

    I think the Goob for president sticker is about 5 years late shoulda done when bush was in office!