Free Pull-Ups

Free Pull-Ups

EDIT: We drained those supplies pretty fast!

Costco is offering free Pull-Ups training pants and the best part is the signup form doesn’t require a Costco Member ID. Maybe they finally realized that doing so was futile as we all knew to punch in 9 random numbers. I just wish that little trick would work on other things like ATMs, phones, and girlfriends.

Wait, that makes it sound like I date robots. No, no, don’t worry. I only go for cyborgs.

[thanks Amber!]

  • alicia

    Thank-you! My nephew is going to begin potty training so this will help alot thanks goob =)

  • moostermiley

    Only Girls 3T-4T size is available. All other sizes have been exhausted.

  • crystal

    no options for a sample even come up for me. :(

  • Holly

    I don’t see anywhere to request a sample either….huh?

  • Carol

    no i’m not seeing where to signup either

  • kristine wilmoth

    must be hiffed!

  • alicia

    whats going on?

  • jenny

    i’m glad i got it when i did! my son’s only 9 months now but i’ll be ready later

  • diana

    no where on the page is there a place to request the sample–maybe i’m not looking in the right place

  • pmm

    yeah no place to request sample :-(

  • moostermiley

    Like Goob said, we hiffed it!!! :)

  • prowell

    All 10,000 samples are already committed. This deal is gone.

  • Ddavid

    This one came faster than anyone so far. I received two pullups by mail TODAY. FAST

  • Jenny
  • robyn

    im a single mom with pretty much no income and i need all the help i can get with pull ups for my daughter

  • sarah

    I am a single mom n need help with my two year oldgirl Jessica plz someone help with diapers or pull ups size five or 3 t

  • sarahmbuffalo

    I’m a single mom of 2 who is living off the income of my parents until I am able to find a job and having trouble on affording pull ups. Please HELP!

  • Mandy

    I’m a mother of two and living off about $700 a month please help