Free Purina ONE BeyOnd Dog Food

Free Purina ONE BeyOnd Dog Food

Don’t ask me about the title on this one, I just copy and pasted it directly from the free Purina dog food page. I like a company that makes a typo then decides “ahh what the hell” and sticks with it.

*Glances at HIF’s logo. Shakes head.*

Luckily that sucker will be changing realllllll soon :)

If you’re not a Sam’s Club member, you’ll need to make up a 17 digit number that starts with 10142110545. If you’re redirected to Sam’s homepage, then it didn’t work. You should get a confirmation message saying your sample will arrive in a few weeks.

  • Caroline

    Worked for me! Thanks, Goob – I like to collect these samples so I can donate them to the local animal shelter. :)

  • twdavis

    Got mine last week. It was definitely NOT 32lbs. LOL I think they would have made us pay the shipping. 😉