Free Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food

EDIT: Some people in the comments are saying they’re having trouble signing up for the sample. If you’re in that boat, try using this link instead.

If you missed out on this offer last month, then today’s your lucky day as this free Rachael Ray Nutrish dog food offer is back. In fact, you can choose to either get a free sample or a coupon for $3.50 off a 6lb. bag. I’m just thankful I didn’t have to type out “yummo” at any point while making this post. Wait a minute…dang it!

[via Liz – thanks!]

  • Melissa

    I love when you get the free Rachel Ray dog food. My dog is SO picky, but she loves this stuff. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find it any any stores I’ve looked in…even Wal-Mart where I got the original samples doesn’t have the dog food. Weird…but whatever, I prefer free samples anyway.

  • Marvin

    Yeah, keep pumping out the free dog food! I know my pup will love this.

  • N

    The actual product is available @ grocery stores. It’s not available @ wal-marts or pet food stores.

  • steph

    I recived the previous sample and was susprised by the large sample that was provided. The only thing is I have trouble finding it in my area… cant just feed my baby random foods, most dogs can only have one product otherwise it messes up their digestive tract…. other than that an awesome deal and now 3.50 off! awesome!!!

  • JessiBessi93

    Thanks for this!! My dog loves this food, we use it for treats!


    thank you very much for that sample.

  • JMM

    link leads to a dead end for me :(

  • Terry

    me too – another freebie site – nothing about nutrish sample

  • Daiszze

    Same here also…dead end with different free sites to go too…dangit…

  • Amber

    The walmart I go to sells the food…must depend on the area you live!

  • Bob

    your ALL being hosed by most of the COMMENTS. there is noting to be had.

  • Michelle

    worked for me.

  • Bob

    Michelle you must be on Drugs!

  • Alexandra

    It worked for me earlier, and I just went back to see what was up and it looks like it would work again, but I didn’t actually try to order another sample. Did you click on “Free Sample” under “Switch to Nutrish” on the left-hand side of the RR page, down a little way?

  • Bob S.

    I went right to her website, clicked on the link for free samples. Got the same crap!

  • Michelle

    it seriously worked for me, I just tried again but it told me one per household since I already signed up earlier. not sure why it’s giving people problems. :(


    Im getting the same thing. I click on get a sample at the bottom of the RR page, but it then links to junk.

  • Michelle

    I tried again, this time sending one to my friends house. Still works for me. I just don’t understand it.


    I went to the link using my iPhone instead of my laptop and it worked. I have no idea why.

  • Renee

    Linked worked just fine for me. Looking forward to the sample. Our local grocery store was handing them out one day but I was too late to get one. :( All gone. Glad to see it online. Thanks for posting 😀

  • Trish

    I requested this one a few months ago, so when I filled out the form this time it said sorry, limit one per household. So I replaced my name with my nickname, used a different email address and my house number rather than my PO box number, and it went right through.

  • Terry

    Today it’s working for me – totally new page! Thanks Goob!

  • shannon

    It won’t let me get the sample it said 1 sample per houshold ??? funny I have not order it yet??

  • Lexie

    It worked for me! I LOVE hey its free! SO many freebies thats not scam! I Know my pets are going to LOVE all the samples i am ordering of different freebies!