Free Rachael Ray Zero Grain Dog Food

Free Rachael Ray Zero Grain Dog Food

The offer for free Rachael Ray Zero Grain dog food has been going up and down lately. So if you don’t see the image above on the page then you’re probably out of luck. But keep trying! If you must, train your dog to constantly refresh the page. I’m sure he’ll do anything to please you so you can please him with a free treat.

  • kikijiji

    Option for a free sample is not there

  • free sample option is not there….if this is her marketing ploy to get people to buy her merchandise, I’ll block her so fast even a hacker would have to blink twice.

  • kikki

    nothing there but some pretty good coupons, maybe they want to track traffic to their page…sigh…

  • This offer has literally been popping up at the start of every week (either on Monday or Tuesday) for a good … eight weeks now? It dies lightening fast every time (hence why I already had this post typed and ready to go), but it should come back next week if you missed it this time.

  • Sienna

    I did get a coupon for $2 off a bag of dog food…this seems to be a pretty good food for my dogs…..been using it for some time now.

  • kikki

    okay goob, overlord of all~~~i’ll try again next week!!! thanks so much for all you do for us HIF-ers!!! :)

  • M

    It’s back again.