Free Redbox Rental Code


It unfortunately only works at kiosks, but code MCPC413S is valid through Oct. 23 and is worth one free Redbox movie rental. This is the part where I usually attempt at a joke, but I’m currently eating the world’s messiest bagel and thus somehow managed to type this post with one hand. It’s getting tired.

  • Bethy Mac

    How fast do you type? 2-handed, I mean :)

  • Reese Pike

    this doesnt work.

  • Doc Work

    It worked for me.

  • Ruby

    It didn’t work for me either, it said “Invalid Promo Code”. This is the second time this has happened with codes from HIF.

  • Judy Healy

    Any one know if we can use the code more than once/on different days?

  • frogger

    doesn’t work…”Invalid Promo Code.”