Free Redbox Rental Code


If you’re looking for an excuse to be lazy today (haha, like we actually need excuses), then look no further than this free Redbox rental code! The code is KLLL4545 and it’s good for today only!

  • Georgia

    Just tried it. Says it only works in certain locations :/.

  • Sue

    It worked for me in Napa, California.

  • Des Moines, IA

    Also just tried it (Des Moines IA) and it says it only works in certain locations… obviously not here :(

  • Denise

    Doesn’t work at Walgreens, it says it only works in certain locations.

  • Nez

    May I know which store u rent the movie? I tried Ralph’s & it’s not working too.

  • minnix2

    Doesnt work at kum and Go.

  • cjthescribe

    We were able to use it via the Redbox App on our phones.

  • kim

    I’m trying to use this thru my TV…I can’t any options for promo codes..? Anyone try this?

  • Sue

    Sorry I didn’t see your reply until today. That particular code only worked if you did online reservations. Then to make it nicer, you could have used it up to five times at a time as you can only have 5 DVD’s out at once. Rent and return….it was unlimited use of code as long as you only took out 5 movies. It did end at 10:00 PST. Thanks Goob!