Free SBR Sports Performance Products Samples

When I lived in Florida, I think I took the pool for granted. I mean, it was something that even in the cold of January when it was only 57 or so degrees outside? You would head over to the YMCA and jump into their heated indoor pool and be golden. Now, with my new apartment complex only having their pool open from July 4th through the Labor Day Weekend? Well, I forget that some places actually *have* this thing called winter.

So I can only hope that these free SBR Sports samples come fast enough for me to actually enjoy them this year. If not? I might have to fill up my bathtub, put some goggles on my cat, and lube him up to see how well they work for him…

  • April

    Playing the cancer card, eh? Good for you.

  • April

    Where are your thousand replies now?

  • April

    All the sheep are afraid. Let’s see who will step upl.

  • Popanator

    LOL @ lubing up your cat. WTF?

  • geri

    ummm. yes. because cats so love to swim. good plan. please you-tube the event.

  • mel

    Uh…April…what the bleep is wrong with you..??????

  • dottie

    Nice! April, he wants to use them before WINTER you moron. Not too many people were up at 4am.

  • Amilia

    Also, isn’t it Goob that has cancer, not Adam?? You’re pretty rude, lady.

  • Brittney

    April…….GROW UP little girl/boy before coming onto the internet. And thank you Adam for the freebie. :)

  • Val

    I agree with everyone about April, that was pretty rude.

    Also, does anyone know what exactly this freebie is?? I requested it, but I’m definitely curious what we’ll be getting…

  • Playing the cancer card, eh? Good for you.

    I’m all for a good trolling, but here’s the thing. You have to actually make sense. What the hell does that even mean? Maybe I’m playing the card by having Adam post this weekend? That makes sense, as long as you don’t think about it. Look at the past 100 posts I’ve made, cancer or no cancer – less than 1% of them were made on the weekend. I actually try to enjoy my life for two days a week like most other people, but I wouldn’t expect you to know that, you pointless fucking ass.

  • Traci

    twat. Ha. I love hif. ;)

  • Traci

    awww Goob, you changed it.

    Goob: Haha, yeah. But your comment lets everybody know what I originally thought :D

  • moostermiley

    Goob, good one … go get ’em !!! :)

  • Amy L.

    Go eat a fish head, April.

    The Aprils of this world are just sad pathetic people who feel so bad about themselves that sending cowardly and cruel anonymous messages on the internet actually makes them feel better. Pretty pathetic.

    Sending you hugs and warmest wishes from Hunting Valley, OH. Please continue enjoying your weekend. Love ya!

  • Laura

    Goob – with all you are dealing with you should not have to read a post like the one from April. She obviously needs counseling and maybe, just maybe, we should pity her. But, the important thing here is that I hope you can get that nasty, unkind comment out of your head. Wishing healing, peaceful days ahead for you.

  • Rebecca

    April, there is a special place in hell reserved for someone like you.

    Goob, you should not even bother explaining yourself to an ass like April. Obviously she has been beaten by the idiot stick one too many times in her life.

  • Sandi

    Love ya goob! And I have not idea what this freebie is, so it is like waiting for Christmas presents from a long lost relative. LOL Got my Honey Nut Cheerios yesterday! Thanks!

  • Erin

    I found this posting on another site about this particular freebie…

    “SBR Sports Inc is providing free samples of Trislide, TriSwim and Foggle Shampoo, Conditioner and Lotion. Visit the linked page and complete the form. Check out the homepage and enter any specific samples you’d like to receive in the ‘Comments’ box. If you do not enter anything you will receive a selection on random free samples.”

    If you read the site, it says they make chlorine-out skin and haircare products, anti-chafing spray lubricant, and anti fog towlettes (I am guessing for swim goggles, but maybe this will work for my winshield =) )

  • Adam

    Freebies are always sparing on the weekends, surprisingly… Probably because the companies who do them have their marketing departments out for the weekend.

    And as to me posting on the weekends? I’m just on vacation this week. I happened to sign on and see these. I usually just cover the random hours, seeing my day job has me working random hours.

    I’d curse retail, but it gives me so much awesome material to work with when I post… :D

  • April

    Yay! My favorite comment was “Go eat a fish head, April.” :D

  • Kendra

    April just shove it.
    Goob is nice enough to get on his computer and search high and low for freebies for people he doesn’t even know.
    So grow up and stop being a troll.

  • Donna

    Thanks a bunch for the great work in getting out sample sites to all of us. I for one really appreciate your efforts. Wishing you the very best in all you do! My prayers are with you, always. Donna

  • April

    Dear Kendra,

    He makes money doing this. It’s not like it’s a charity work. Are you really that stupid?

  • Rebecca

    April, you are THE example of all that is wrong with the world today. Go crawl back in your hole.

  • chris

    You Rock Goob!!!!!!!!!!April is a human dissapointment!

  • mel

    Goob or Adam…isn’t there anyway to block and/or erase April’s comments.?? She’s a blockhead and none of us really wanna hear it. (I believe I am speaking accurately for everyone else). She’s just making these dumbass comments to see what we will all write back. She’s probably gathered around the computer with 2 of her friends with a Smirnoff they sneaked from the fridge. Morons.

  • Kelsey

    What kind of vacuous person preys on those with cancer? April, you are disgusting and I hope Karma treats you like her bitch.

  • He makes money doing this. It’s not like it’s a charity work. Are you really that stupid?

    Oh please, are you stupid? I make money when I work. This isn’t some magical fairy land where HIF makes money even if I run away and don’t touch the site for a week.

    Welcome to Banville. Population, you.

    isn’t there anyway to block and/or erase April’s comments

    Yeah, I could delete them. But as a general rule of thumb, I like to leave them. Deleting mean comments seems, I don’t know, petty? It’s as if I’m saying they hurt my feelings so much that I can’t stand to see them. When in actuality, I laugh at them. It’s fun to go back from time to time and be reminded of how stupid some people can be.

    Now on the flip side, I don’t like how they derail comment threads, like they have here. I gave her a chance to shut up and she didn’t take it, so I went ahead and banned her. She might pop up again like trolls do from time to time, but for now, adios April.

  • BO$$

    Goob’s blog was a success way before his disclosure and will continue to be. I wonder if “April” knows that his/her psycho comments actually prompts more visitors to leave comments, thus keeping them on the page longer, possibly leading to more ad clicks, and more money for HIF. Good job “April”! You’re an idiot, but at least you’re willing to work for free.

  • Melissa

    “She might pop up again like trolls do from time to time, but for now, adios April.”

    BWUAHAHAHAHAH Good one :) That made me laugh so hard!!!!!!! thanks for all of the freebies I greatly appreciate them!!!!!!!!!!

  • Silvia

    Go to hell April.
    Goob thanks and wishing you the very best.