Free Schick Hydro (Rebate)

One of the perks of being a genius is that I learn things faster than most people. I don’t even have to read the instruction manuals most of the time. I can simply absorb everything I need to know from a product’s name!

Take this rebate for a free Schick Hydro razor valued up to $10.99. Hydro means water so obviously this razor works by blasting your face or legs with a jet of good ol’ H2O. Woo hoo, we’ll never have to buy expensive razors again!

[rock on to Mark for sharing this on our Facebook page!]

  • Ben D.

    FYI – this is an “immediate print” rebate form. I was hoping they’d physically mail me a rebate form, since I don’t have a printer….

    Anywho, be prepared to print once you fill out the form.

  • Cheapsk8

    There were some $4 coupons in the Sunday paper recently for this, so they can pay you to take one.

  • KFM

    Nice freebie! :D

    Thanks for the heads up, Ben. I usually have my default printer here at work set up for PDFFactory, and those won’t print out to it.

  • christy karch

    excellent “hiffers”rebate!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bailey

    The $5 coupon was in a recent insert. I used it at Walgreens last week when it had the $4 RR (not sure if that’s month long?). Paid $3.29 or so, got back $4 RR pluss the $7.99 rebate back.

  • winnie

    I bought the razor last week at CVS & earned 4 ECBs, so they are paying me to take it.

  • Hime-chan

    In the mere seconds it took for me to click the PRINT button, Firefox informed me that their stupid site “replaced” the page to be printed, and said to try again. The site wouldn’t let me! In other words, they just gathered my information to sell to other companies, and gave me nothing in return.

    This is a ripoff! :(

  • Val

    What a cool rebate! I’m not sure if I’ll get it since I got that free Gillette Pro Fusion razor not that long ago, but if anyone can tell me a good reason to have both, please tell me! I love excuses to have more random things :)

  • Phyl

    I tried printing this out twice. It wouldn’t print at all the 1st time and then only printed the instructions out the 2nd time. So I cannot get the rebate form itself to print at all. Tried to email them at the site they gave. It doesn’t work.

  • CJ

    Note that the small print on the rebate form says it can’t be used with “other offers”. So it’s possible that if you use coupons, Walgreens register rewards, CVS Extra Bucks or other discounts you may not get the full amount back.

  • I used the coupon and it worked fine for me. Great product too.

  • Anna

    Val-you can never own enough good razors. Especially FREE ones. With the outlandish prices they charge for the complete razor (handle and 2-3 blade refills) and the OBSCENE amount of money they charge for just blade refills, it’s a miracle that anyone shaves at all! At least, those poor non-hiffers who don’t realize that if you wait for a coupon (usually the ones for the starter kits are worth more-like, DOUBLE the savings of the refill coupons) and then you buy the razor at the store where it’s on sale, you could be getting a whole new razor–no more slimy handles! Hooray!!–for a total cost of FREE-$3. I have never paid more than that for a good, $11-$17 razor. AND I always have a new handle. Awesome.

  • Matthew

    Dang! 3 tries and NO print! “No handwritten form” allowed, etc., so I guess I’m just glad I bought the 3-Blade razor for $7.99 instead of the 5-Blader for $10.99!!!

  • Kristin

    Has anyone received their rebate yet?

    I mailed mine on 6/22/2010 and still have not received it.