Free School Supplies

Ray sent in a link for some cool free school supplies that could actually be used just about anywhere. I just put in the name of one of my nearby schools and then put in my home address, so we’ll see if it comes ;)

  • samantha mchenry

    hello i got this free site from hey its

  • jessica ortiz

    i am a single mom of three boys and it is so hard for me to get school supplies . i am looking for some help to have my boys ready for school , can you please help me or send me into the right direction, thank you god bless

  • danielle pusey

    ok so i am a huge jam i am a single mom who yes works as a waitress at cracker berral but times are so hard and no one is out in-about spending money so in turn i am not making money i really am in need of school supplies and new clothes for my son if any can help and tellme where to look or go anything right now will be great

  • first of all i dont want any sympathy i just need help; my finances has changed a whole lot and my 2 kids will be going back to school on the 25th of this month 1 is in high school this year and the other in jr.high if any one can help me with school supplies,clothes,shoes,coat i would gladley appreciate it;it would be a blessing…(can you remember your first day back to school)………i dont have a web site but i do have an e-mail(

  • alexandra

    hey i am 13 years old im wondering i f u can give out school suplise in the distric of lancaster are school r kind of poor and my famali dosent have enough money 2 bye me all the school suplise i need or unaforms so can u please have a back to school fair for lancaster so we can get supplise please thank u

  • tina

    hi i am a single mom with a 5 year old who will be starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks and i can not afford to buy school supplies for him. i just wanted to know if i can receive some help. i live on the border of cleveland and lakewood, ohio. thanks alot, may the lord bless you and keep you. p.s. can you please send me some info. about free school supplies at my email address which is

  • Folks, I’m closing comments on this post. We don’t give out freebies here on this site and freebie companies don’t read these comments.