Free Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

Free Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

Well here’s a freebie we haven’t seen in over three years! The classic free Secret Clinical Strength deodorant offer has risen from the ashes, but do they really have to call it “clinical strength?” Can’t they simply say extra instead? Using clinical makes it sound like people with strong body odor need an entire battery of doctors just to get them through the day.

  • PsychoChick966

    The page does not load.

  • Julie Welsh Worthing

    Got mine thanks!

  • la fidelita

    Had to refresh the page several times, but I finally got it.

  • Micky

    thanks got mine……there was a run on the website and it kept locking up but I finally got through thanks! <3

  • a.

    they ran out :(

  • Jodi

    They wanted 4.99 in shipping from me for a “free” one. I don’t know if that means they ran out..

  • The samples are gone…gone…g o n e.
    Cool–there’s an echo in here.
    HeLLO! hello…
    HELLO?? hello…
    ECho! echo,echo,echo…

  • emmadog

    they ran out :(

  • noname

    all out

  • Jay Melo

    We may be out of FREE Secret Clinical Strength, but we don’t want to leave you empty-handed. So we’re going to give you NEW Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid or Clear Gel FREE, all you have to do is pay $4.99 in shipping and handling.

  • Niteowl

    $4.99 is half-price, so that’s not too bad. Plus you get $25 in coupons with it.

  • ecvogel

    I can take the $5 to the store and buy another brand for $5. Wait for a 10 for $10 sale and get 5 deoderants.

  • martialartsfan

    sounds like a “bait and switch!”