Free Digital Magazine Subscriptions

Free OK Shape Magazine Subscription

The freebies were a bit lame today, so I hung around late, found this free OK magazine subscription, and felt great. Then this free Shape magazine subscription came across my screen and I instantly decided to skip the gym every afternoon. For every Hiffer out there. I guess I’ll just have to accept the fact that I’ll never need to exercise again.

Note both of these are digital subscriptions, so you won’t get an actual magazine. Instead you’ll be able to read it online or your handheld devices.

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    no answer

  • Wait, y’all aren’t seeing links in the post above? I am.

    What device and/or browsers are y’all using?

  • Sara

    I’m not seeing the. Using an iPad…

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    Using Chrome and it’s working fine here.

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    Guys, when Goob posts, the BLUE writing is the link. Click and away you go!

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    Working fine on Firefox.