Free Sharps Needle Container

Looks like I’m gonna have to contract diabetes so that I can take full advantage of my free Sharps needle container. At this rate, freebies truly are going to be the end of me.

  • Rebecca

    i dont reallly know what i will use a sharps container for. but hey its free. lol. corny joke.

  • Seh-Nic

    Hehe I don’t REALLY need this but I like the logo..

  • Susan

    I can use this for sure!! My service dog has 24 allergies and gets two shots per month and this will be much handier than the zipper bag I use to keep them in until they get taken to the vets. Thanks! :)

  • Mom

    I really DO need this but can’t get it to go through. I keep getting an error page. Will try again later.

    Thanks Goob!

  • Hannah

    Awesome, my doctor has prescribed B12 shots to me, that I give myself at home. This will come in handy so my kids don’t poke themselves taking out the trash.

  • kristina

    This is great my hubby has diabetes, and is one 2 shoots a day and my son is 4. Thanks Goob

  • Health Professional

    If you don’t have a sharps container at home, using an empty beverage bottle is fine. The needles can’t penetrate the plastic, which is why they make good containers. When it’s full, wrap the top in duct tape and toss it in the trash.

    Most offices, pharmacies, etc, will not take filled sharps containers bc their biohazard waste is contracted by the amount the facility puts out. Taking sharps from the community greatly increases their weight, thereby increasing the cost of their disposal service. At least that’s how it works in PA.

  • Beth

    Thank you Goob. I’m diabetic and although I’m provided with a free sharp disposal container by my doctor, I can always use an extra for the cottage. Here, you just fill the container and take it back to the doctor or any pharmacy. They empty it and give the container back. It’s free here to dispose of sharps which is handy.

  • Becky

    Thanks…. It sure will be better than an old empty gallon bottle.

  • Caroline

    Thanks, Goob! I’m an esthetician and I use Sharps containers in the salon for lancets. This will come in handy!

  • Kathy

    Great freebie! Thanks! ALSO … Anyone want my diabetes so you have a real need for this one, , I’d be happy to share it with them!!!

  • thanks I need one mines almost full and I keep asking my med company for a new one and it never gets sent!

  • Kristin

    My dad has diabetes so this will be great :)

  • Nijuana Jones

    Darn, my husband and I are both insulin dependent diabetics. He takes 3 shots a day of insulin and I take at least 4, sometimes more. He also takes 1 Enbrel shot a week for his Ankylosing Spondilitis and I take 2 shots of Heparin a day, so we could seriously use this sharps container, but I keep getting an error page. Right now we use gallon milk containers, but would really prefer a sharps container because the bright red color makes them safer in my opinion:-(

  • Donna

    I have tried numerous times to order this needle container, but I have had no luck getting through with the site. I husband takes shots daily, this would be great for him. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I need to do.
    Thank you

  • bridget

    thanks goob , this is great i just got my and it huge and heavy plastic and it nice , it big and red but a little tip do close the lid in lest you want to throw away the hold continer i had to use a scraw driver to pile my lid back to one it so read the paper that on it first i forget lol. bridget

  • monique

    the site must be working now…i filled the form out and got a msg that said it would be delivered on 7-10 business days. thank you soo much for this freebie. my uncle has diabetes and just puts it in a 2liter bottle and my lil brother shares a room with him and he knows not to touch them. well once i found his 2liter bottle on the floor. i totally freaked out bc i have a lil sister with down sydrome that could p0ssibly open this bottle. so this container will definetly help my family out. thank you! :)

  • Susan2

    I got this freebie, and it’s great for any of us who’ve turned into human pincushions. There are a number of conditions – even aside from diabetes – where we’ve gotta stab ourselves fairly often to stay healthy :)

  • ellie

    bring the sharps container to the fire department they will dispose of it for you, and they will also give you a new container for free!!

  • Responsible Diabetic

    @#7 “Health Professional” – You say just “toss it in the trash.” That’s one of the stupidest, most irresponsible, dangerous and illegal things I have heard of in a long time. You, as an alleged health professional, should know better.

  • Sharon

    I ordered this on 6/29 for my mother that is insulin 3 x’s daily. They say it will ship 7-10 if not rec’d please call ———-. Well I did that today & was told it is only available to patients that take the drug ENBREL only. Which is not for diabetices.
    Go figure so this freebies is very misleading. Sorry all for the bad news guess we contuie to us milk jugs.

  • i have diabetes type 2

    wow this will come in handy for me i just got put in on insulin and i need something to put ten in and i have a milk carton that im useing this will really come in handy for me thank you

  • deb

    don’t say how to geet one

  • Shellie

    My son is diabetic and takes 2 sometimes 3 insulin shots a day, we could really use this container to help dispose of the needles properly! Thanks



  • Mary Garrett

    not at all, I also do that, with a sharps container, I called the landfill and they told me to do that. Maybe it would be best if you know the facts before you call people names…….

  • Stephen

    I collect sharps bins as I think there look so cute

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Trouble is “free” needle containers are usually not free and a lot of people cannot afford to keep buying them hence homemade needle containers. My drug store will only give you a free one if you spend so many $ a month.