Free ShopRunner Account for Amazon Prime Members

Free Two-Day shipping

So this is more of a poaching attempt than anything, but ShopRunner is giving Amazon Prime members a free 1 year unlimited account, so poach away! This free ShopRunner account is a $79 value and will give you free 2-day shipping on dozens of sites.

The steps involved to get this offer are:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in if necessary
  3. Click on “View printable receipt”
  4. Copy the full receipt.
  5. Open a new email addressed to
  6. Paste the receipt into the body of the email and hit send. (Make sure to send it from your ShopRunner registered email address.

And that should do it! I should note this is for new members to ShopRunner, but, ah… yeah.

[thanks to Hiffer Jean for sending this in!]

  • horrorfan

    Link doesn’t work and says it’s all your fault! What do you have to say for yourself goob??? ;o)

  • Holly Landry

    Yeah hey Goob, what’s the deal? Broken links, 404 errors…hmph!

  • Scramps1

    Works ok but you have to give up your Prime to get it?

  • Sarah

    I signed up, although I didn’t have to do any of what you wrote in the post. I just clicked on the ‘free 1 year unlimited account’ link in your post, entered my personal info and it was done.

  • Sarah

    Nevermind, the rest came later. :)

  • It’s working now!

  • No, you get to keep your prime until you cancel or stop paying for it!

  • Scramps1


  • Christina

    only good for 30 days now