Free Skoal Bottle Opener

Skoal doesn’t typically give out freebies, but they’re part of the old Philip Morris conglomerate, so the same login details you use for Marlboro and other tobacco freebies should work for this free Skoal bottle opener.

Whoever designed this freebie is clearly trolling with us. I don’t know about you, but there’s a 100% certainty I’ll get drunk then walk around my apartment trying to figure out what this key unlocks. It won’t be until the morning that I realize it’s a key to losing my dignity!

[thanks Gimmie Freebies!]

  • Francina Martinez

    Mine is on it’s way. I love these tobacco company freebies, they are awesome! The product isn’t favorable by most, but you can’t deny the cool things like hats, multi tools, thermos’, bottle openers, etc.

  • Zachary Jacob Zblewski

    Skoal and Copenhagen are the same company and use the same login details :P

  • Daniel

    Anyone know why you have to be 21 for these, seeing as you can buy tobacco at 18? Bah, no freebie for me. :(

  • Mary

    I had signed up already too before and I don’t remember doing that either. WEIRD! But thanks!

  • Yam

    Same thing for me as the last Copenhagen. I give them all my infos and all I get is “We’re sorry, but we are unable to give you access to our website at this time.” :(

  • Kelli

    Thanks Zachary for filling me in about Skoal and Copenhagan….I didn’t know the login was the same. I was tearing up my desk trying to find a Skoal login number. These freebies end up being fantastic stocking stuffers for my husband and boys……..They love them!

  • KFM

    Man, if only every freebie was as easy to get as these tobacco company ones. ( I apologize to the people who can’t actually get on in the first place, please disregard this. ) But man, the thing fills out all of my info for me, doesn’t give me a bunch of stupid options or anything, and my freebies ALWAYS come, and within a few days at that.

  • shannon

    I am wondering if this skoal thing isn’t a scam to get your personal info and then tells you that you already have a account. BECAUSE it just happened to me and I know for a fact I never sign up!

  • Teresa Welch

    Goob..I think Skoal and Copenhagen are one. It was the same verifying page.

  • Mike

    SKOAL AND COPENHAGEN ARE THE SAME COMPANY US Smokless Tobacco so all of your login information is the same!

  • Julie

    Skoal and Copenhagen are the same. That’s why it shows that there is already a member with the same email.

  • DukeDude

    This “Skoal thing” is no scam. I have received more than one freebie from them, most recently an eleven function pocket knife. What a great freebie. also gives out great stuff.

  • donald

    freebies are great these are tough times

  • Brenda

    For some reason, it cannot verify my age. I’m 38. Bummer. It might be because I just got my license switched to the state I moved to. :(

  • Joann

    The same thing happened to me. & i didn’t move. It said that they can’t verify my age : ( Thanks anyway

  • Jess

    It needed a CCN for me to sign up and I don’t have one, bummer =/

  • Joe

    Thanks, worked fine for me. All you have to do is be above 21 to qualify, plus Skoal and Copenhagen are owned by the same company.

  • Sam

    I thought the exact same thing.

  • Kate

    That was easy!

  • Jack Zeeks

    Thanks…..I’ve been a Skoal user for years this will come in handy……

  • bd

    When in doubt, takeq a pinch

  • john j ballard

    That was easy

  • Joshua Johnson

    Is there a way to retrieve the number needed? I can’t find any of my mailers.

  • DipToTroopsDeployed

    Sounds like a plan

  • Dip dip

    That was very easy can’t wait

  • david

    hey we did it pinch better