Free Smithsonian Magazine Subscription

Free Smithsonian Magazine Subscription

This freebie was originally posted on March 12 and Oct. 12, 2013.

The actual museum may be closed, but you can still score a free Smithsonian magazine subscription.

  • got mine ! Thank You

  • john

    awesome you rock!

  • Star

    Thanks! Just asked me to refer two friends and write one review. That was easier than I expected.

  • doommagic

    Says it’s no longer available when I click on the link.

  • niteowl

    Ditto to the last comment. The offer is now for WSJ.

  • Holly Landry

    They lure you in with awesome smithsonian magazine, then say sorry, not available, here’s the WSJ instead. Bastards.

  • Randommom

    I just completed the process, it says it will arrive in 6-8 weeks:)

  • Alice Mary H

    It processed mine and said it will arrive 6-9 weeks too…

  • Britta

    Processed mine! 8-10 weeks, thanks Goob!

  • Holly Landry

    Woo! Finally didn’t get force fed the WSJ. Thanks, Goob!

  • Awesome! Love it! Just got US from your last freebie and I had saved points up for WSJ for when my last sub ran out. Love Rewards God. :)

  • Deb

    I just did this today and it did offer the Smithsonian and said it will arrive in 8-10 weeks, maybe sooner!